3 switches on 1 pole

I have a outlet with three switches and was hoping there was some one making a wave or zgbee 3 switch on one pole . It’s a tough spot the switch is in and I can not add any other switches to it. Anyone suggest anything that could work for me?

(The following answer uses US terminology. Terminology for other countries will be different.)

Are you talking about a “four way switch” in which each of three separate wall switches can control the same single load? So say there’s an overhead light in your garage and there’s a light switch right inside the garage door by the street, another light switch right inside the garage door that goes into the house, and a third light switch in the kitchen, and all of these control the same ceiling light.

Or are you talking about three separate lights or outlets each of which is controlled by one switch and those three switches happen to be right next to each other on the wall? That would normally be called a “three gang switch box”

this is what I mean

OK, that’s a 3 gang switch. Are you using all 3 switches, or just the top and bottom?

Using all three and wish I could add a forth

OK, first the bad news: networked switches are larger inside, and are not made in a 3 gang format. So you can’t just find a switch to swap out.

However, you may be able to put a micro relay on each load and keep your existing switches. You may need an electrician to do this.

The Aeon microswitch is on the official list of SmartThings-compatible devices. But the wiring can be tricky.

By the way, one other option would be to use a smart bulb in each of the three lights (assuming they’re all lights I’m not sure what the middle switch is used for) and then put a separate battery operated three toggle switch next to your existing switch. You would then put switch locks on your existing switch to keep people from turning that power off.

The three toggle switch is battery operated so you don’t have to worry about the wiring. And you can position it anywhere on the wall that you want to. But it only works if there is some network device that is actually controlling the load to the light. But that could be a smart bulb.

That might not be the aesthetic look you wanted but it is an option to consider.

Aeon makes a dual micro switch, would be a tight fit getting two of them in a single gang box, but they may fit.
These will require a custom device and smart app to operate. I’m using one for our two speed whole house fan.
aeon dual switch
You would have more flexibility if you could replace the single gang box with a dual or larger.

The light switches operate a sitting lights while the other two operate flood lights and the third is portch light to the back deck. I can’t add another gang box because there is no room. Left side is the end of the wall while the right side is filled with 2 2x4 to support the French doors added to the house 5 years ago. Does anyone know if there is any videos of how to instal the Aeon switch? I ask because I have the switch unusually wired and the two electrishions I talked to do not want to mess with it

Before you go any further, I would suggest you open the switch plate and see what’s behind there. Most smart switch needs power source and neutral to operate also is there enough room back there.

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Yes there is power and neutral wire. The Gang box has a back plate that can be removed giving me more room. The house is a mid century modern house with a bit of unusual custome features throughout the house. Including some of the electrical fixtures

If electricians don’t want to fool with it, I would just use smart bulbs. GE makes outdoor floods that can be connected directly to smartthings. Home Depot often has them at the lowest price and they are easy to return there if you end up not liking them. Amazon also carries them, usually for a couple of dollars more. (The description says they need the wink hub, but they don’t – – the smartthings hub can also control them.)


Using the bulbs literally just means unscrewing the existing bulbs and screwing the GE links in their place.

You then need to leave the wall switch always on and let the bulbs decide how much power to draw. If like many people you run the outdoor lights on a schedule that’s no big deal anyway, but you can always add the smartenIT battery operated three toggle switch and you can put that anywhere in the house and it will work. It does not have to be wired at all.

Alternatively, instead of the three toggle, you could use the aeon Minimote which is a small hand held remote and it has four buttons so you could use it for four lights.

That way, you wouldn’t have to fuss with the existing wiring at all.

And an extra bonus: if you use the battery operated controllers, either the three toggle or the minimote, you can also have as many of those as you want controlling the same switches or controlling switches in different combinations. So you could put one on the wall by the existing switch, have one on the nightstand by your bed, have one in the kitchen, etc. Even put one in your car’s glove compartment. It gives you a lot of flexibility, especially nice for outdoor lights. :sunglasses:


See The X2-Switch for $25.00