The usual: automations fail (1 March 2021)

Just the usual: evening automation fails. Status page reports no problems, but of course it will. Eventually.

Don’t count on it.

Mine are not firing correctly AGAIN. Turns out our mobile presence devices aren’t working AGAIN. Via the IDE, I’ve not arrived home, but I’m pretty sure I did because I remember taking a shower and driving to work a little bit ago. It also says my wife has been gone since 7am yesterday, but I’m pretty sure she was there because we ate dinner together last night. It now says she arrived 8 minutes ago and then left again, which is completely wrong since I just talked with her and she doesn’t leave for another hour.

This platform has gotten more unstable and unreliable with stuff like this than I can remember.

@blake.arnold , come on guys, get yourselves pulled together and bring some reliability back to your platform (UI and backend stuff). Tell the marketing people to screw off with new junk until you can get the old junk working. This is getting beyond annoying and it’s very frustrating.


Sadly I can no longer recommend SmartThings in any configuration for people with disabilities who need automation for daily tasks (as opposed to the same kind of hobbyist interest that anyone might have) for exactly this reason. Undocumented changes and unpredictable fails are just too frequent. :disappointed_relieved:

I keep hoping the system will stabilize at least for basic users not using any custom code, but it’s not there yet. Maybe when all this transition stuff is done in a year or so. i’ll keep hoping.