The untold story of Google I/O 2019 - The irresponsible attempt to kill "Works with Nest"

And here is what seems to be a short explanation of the reason why Works with Nest is being shut down, and Google’s suggested method of how to control Nest devices: Routines

How is Works with Google Assistant different from Works with Nest?

Works with Nest allows many third-party partners direct access and control of your Nest devices (with your permission). Works with Google Assistant enables all your connected devices to be controlled by the Google Assistant through voice, the Google Home or Assistant apps, or through Home View on smart displays (again, with your permission).

From the Home or Assistant apps, you can set up multi-device automated actions, such as morning or bedtime routines, through Assistant Routines. Third parties will no longer be able to ask for permission to directly access or control your Nest devices, thus keeping your data more private.


On August 31, 2019, Nest will be retiring its Works with Nest program. In turn, Nest services on IFTTT will no longer work due to this change.

The services impacted are:

Your Nest Applets will remain active until the end of August, when they will then be turned off and removed. We will send another reminder before Nest Applets are turned off permanently.

For more information, please see Nest’s FAQ.

At IFTTT, we believe every thing works better together. We look forward to working with Google and others to help consumers benefit from and control their data.

Thank you for your understanding.

The IFTTT Team


I wish your optimism was contagious, but my Nests are heading to Ebay. They shut down the door on any kind of 3rd party integration. It’s the same BS game Google has been playing all along. Give us all your data from your devices and we give you none of ours.


I wonder if the Alexa skill will be killed with this too…

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That would double suck.


It appears that google routines can only be triggered by either a voice command or time of day. :disappointed_relieved:

Think how well Chromecast integration works, and I think you will know how well Google Nest devices will work after August 31st.

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This is the biggest IoT upset that will shake the smart home industry for years to come. As it stands now, if they cut the cord without helping other companies to migrate in some form of closed doors api to continue the advertised functionality of “works with Nest”, the dent it puts on smart home market will be greater than cutting off working Revolv hubs. A terrible choice for Google, in my opinion, but time will tell…

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It’s pretty clear what’s happening here: the biggest player in the game is picking up its marbles and going home.

The biggest player in the game is Amazon echo.

Nest: 11 million units sold

Echo: over 100 million units sold


Echo is great and ubiquitous and Amazon is a huge company… but Alpabet has 85% of the market cap of Amazon, plus a virtual lock on **the information **.

I have 13 Nest Protects, 6 Thermostats, and 10 Nest Cams. They are two features on the API that I desperately need:

  • I have my Hubitat and SmartThings system run an emergency routine (literally turn on my fire sprinkler valve) when smoke is detected? Any way to wire in the Nest Protect into my security system?
  • When SmartThings goes to Away my Nest goes to away. Nest location doesn’t work so I rely on ST to control this.

I hope you like the Google Home app, because the Nest app is going away too…

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Go Rube Goldberg for this one: just use an acoustic sensor that can recognize the smoke alarm and trigger off of that. These literally just listen for the sound of a smoke detector as mandated by current US code.

There are two current options and one new one coming

  1. Kidde RemoteLync. This is a simple basic acoustic sensor made just for this purpose.

You can get integration through IFTTT

  1. Leeo acoustic sensor. I’ve had the first generation for a couple of years, and like it, but it’s been discontinued and is now very difficult to find and then usually at very expensive prices.

The new one is scheduled to launch in a few months. No telling it how it will be reviewed or what it will cost. But I did want to mention it because you will find posts in the forum about the first generation.

Integration would again be through IFTTT.

  1. Alexa guard.

This is a new feature for the newer echo devices which let it act as a Acoustic monitor for the same types of security devices and then to do any of three things:

A) send you a notification via its app

B) if you have a contract with them, send a notification to either ADT or ring alarm

C) turn on specified lights

You could use one of those lights coming on as a “man in the middle“ to then trigger other events

So a little hackey, but a possibility.


Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if any of these could be wired into a NodeMCU board. Or even wire the Nest Protect directly into one? That way I am not reliant on an API?

…and for this one you will likely be able to use a Google Home routine triggered by a SmartThings virtual device. One could hope the Google will add functionality to match Alexa routines, although I personally have lost faith in Google and likely will replace my thermostats before August 31st.

At present the Google routines can only be triggered by a voice command to Google assistant or by time of day. No way to use a virtual device.

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Just, wow… sad

I know, that’s why I said one could hope that functionality will be added.

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I wonder if this can be used [Release] Google Assistant Relay V2.0 - Google Home Audio Notifications!
to send a command to the Assistant Relay to run a routine.