The SmartThings Olympic Challenge

(Bobby) #1

It looks like this ‘community’ challenge has not been shared with the ‘amazing community’ so there it is…

In the spirit of competition, we’re challenging you, our amazing community, to come up with some creative Olympic-themed ways to use SmartThings between now and the end of the games in Rio. Want some inspiration? Check out the SmartThings-hacked Olympic shot pourer…


Hmm interesting. I’m afraid whatever I attempt might exceed the 20 sec limit :smiley:

( I hate Mondays) #3

I recommend using the world famous Drink piston here:

   Person is not dead-drunk
   Using drink...
      > Slurp
      > Follow Up with piston Drink in 5 seconds

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #4

Is failing to execute an Olympic sport?

( I hate Mondays) #5

Duh! Remember, you’re not going to a Karaoke show to see how well others can sing…