*** ALL LEGALITIES ASIDE **** because this is not about re-releasing Rule Machine or finding it somewhere and I am sure the thread will get shut down because it serves no useful purpose other than to organize the thoughts and ramblings of a system that has unbelievable potential in the face of, what appears to be, poor support.

Dear Smart Things,

Do you realize what you’ve done? Your platform is awesome for one reason, the community. I myself am an awful developer (actually a lawyer by trade so let the jokes fly), but I found the idea of a smart home too good to pass up. I was an early adopter of v1 because I wanted to find a way to set my pool system using a smart phone. This community has made that a possibility. Since then countless add-ons, apps and support from this community have literally turned my house into a smart home.

In fact, I would envision were I to actually sell my house, the appeal of the home automations would actually increase the price. So heed this message, please get more support. Whatever your qualms with app developers are please realize there are very smart people in this community and those who are not as smart, myself included, learn from them each day to make your platform the best option we have at a smart home.

Your support is required due to the open nature of your platform which (and it pains me to say this as an apple fan boy) is the reason I would never use homekit.

These are my two cents on the matter, this is not a knock against your support staff as they have personally given me great support, but the ROI on improved support would be a tremendous boost to ST and Samsung.

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