The mobile app needs a better way to represent things

(Gary D) #1

I know that every couple of days there’s a new thread asking for “words” instead of “icons” on the things page of the mobile app.

So, I’m not going to ask for “words.” I’m just going to say that we desperately need a better way to represent different things. I now only have about 20 or so lights in ST, but I’m starting to get desperate. Today, I installed a lightswitch for a light that would be hard to describe even in words:

“The light between the two closets in the master bedroom.”

The only icon I could find that came close was what looked like a “his and hers” restroom sign in the “bath” section of the icons.

Yesterday, I installed a switch for a hallway on the main level of my house. There’s no good “hallway” icons. My wife decided that because she stores toilet paper in the closet accessible from that hallway, that the best choice was the icon of the roll of toilet paper (also in the “bath” section.) (My daughter flipped out when she saw that, as I promised to never install any type of remote control light in the bathrooms.)

ST, PLEASE help us to find better ways to represent the things we make “smart.” A roll of toilet paper for a hallway just doesn’t do the trick.

(Jody) #2

I have a couple of devices in my hallway so I was able to group them into a collection called hallway. Then I just made the hallway light a light. As far as the icons in the lights and switches shortcut panel, I rarely use that. I have close to a hundred devices now and it got cluttered after 20 lights.

(Marc) #3

Use the Action Dashboard for day to day activities. It’s a must when you have a lot of things.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #4

The amount of wasted space in “list” layouts on a phone is disturbing; on a tablet it is ridiculous. IMHO, it needs a total redesign. But first let’s get it to a point where it is at least useable from a performance standpoint.

+1 on Alex’s cool ActiON dashboard!

(Ron S) #5

Me too… I vote for @625alex’s baby…

(Todd Whitehead) #6

And how is there not a Flag icon? Am I the only one using ST to make sure the American flags on their house stay lit when it is dark?

Given that our only option is icons, the selection of icons is really bad. I mean, are we going to have a ST device connected to ur hand mixer? vacuum cleaner? tooth brush? scissors and comb? plunger? I look down the lists of icons and think, wow, there are a lot of them, but then I’m like, none of these apply to what I want.

I’ve been fighting creating custom device types so I can use my own pictures, but I guess that is our only option…

How many people have to complain about something before ST does something about it?


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

I only got one thing to say…