The End of Groovy Has Arrived

One thing I’m curious about is:

I am still enrolled in the SmartThings Edge Beta channel.
If I unenroll from SmartThings Edge Beta channel will I automatically receive the production version of the same drivers I’m already using?
Am I already using the production drivers for devices that are/were using drivers from the ST Beta channel?

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What about devices that are integrated but not through stock DTH?

I am talking about Wiz for example. I have plenty of those

Devices which use a cloud to cloud integration and currently show “placeholder“ in the IDE are already using the new architecture. Same with most linked services. So nothing will change because of the groovy cloud going away and you don’t need to do anything about them. :sunglasses:


Why not? You clearly have access to the original code, so making a lua driver should be trivial.

There’s quite a few people on here still using them.

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Great! Thanks.

But will it in that case remain in the cloud or the integration will become local?

I have several Shelly devices as well, currently integrated via Shelly cloud. But I saw Edge drivers for Shelly being developed, which is now somewhat confusing :slight_smile:

Most linked services will remain in the cloud.

@taustin, Who did the Shelley integration, has done some amazing things with custom edge drivers including some that can connect to local servers which then gives you integration out if desired. But I suggest you ask in the Shelly thread if you have questions about it.

Edge Shelly device support discussion


I reached out to keen but no response yet.

You have 2 options for Shelly.

There is the official cloud to cloud (c2c) integration or the community written Edge Driver that runs locally. Choice is good.

I have chosen the community written Edge Driver by @TAustin which works great.


I’ve received a couple of queries asking if I’m going to set up a page in the community – created wiki which would list model by model whether there’s a stock edge driver, a community created edge driver, or nothing yet.

I’m pleased to say that one has been created thanks to the help of several other people. It’s not complete, but if you see your model there, it should be accurate. If you don’t see your model there, you’ll have to do your own research, and then, if you find one, please do add it to the table for the next person who comes along. :sunglasses:


Lists by device class:

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I think it’s a good idea, but has some challenges, especially for z-wave devices. The standard Edge Drivers don’t list the consumer facing model number for each fingerprint. So you can’t really tell which device it. For example, there are 4 leviton z-wave switches and 2 z-wave outlets listed. Which model is which? Who knows!

Sure, but then people could add to the table in the community-created wiki based on their personal experiences. Particularly for cases where it worked for a specific model.

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I was referring to this discussion in the beta thread from back in July:

For what it’s worth, I just deleted the garage door opener and re-added it but it did not come back as a edge driver. I went back to the old groovy one. @alissa.dornbos

what was assigned to it?

I have routinces in WC that need to do math (they cycle a humidifier based on temperature to set the correct humidity level). How can math based functions be accomplished in the app rules engine?

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The same one as before my reset.

I do have an edge driver installed on my hub for the garage door.

try removing the DTH after removing the GDO then try to pair it. assuming the fingerprint for it has been added to an Edge Driver in production.

in the list you posted, the (OLD) designation means there is a newer version available.You may want to install the newer version, change the driver in the devices using the old version to the newer version, then remove the (OLD) version. :slight_smile: @Mariano_Colmenarejo uses the (OLD) in his drivers when he does a major update that requires the change.

This is the fingerprint

  • id: “gocontrol”
    deviceLabel: GoControl Garage Door
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x4744
    productId: 0x3530
    deviceProfileName: base-garage-door

so try removing the garage door, then remove the custom DTH in IDE, then proceed to adding the GDO back, then check to see if it received the Edge driver

or wait for ST to migrate it to an Edge Driver :slight_smile:

I will wait for ST to migrate it. Thank for your insight.

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