The End of Groovy Has Arrived

You are able to move Routines around on the screen. That may help grouping them somewhat.


Luckily I’d upgraded to a V2 Hue hub earlier when on sale - but its not a trivial task as the upgrade wizard didnt work so all bulbs had to be added by serial number, a older Livingcolours remote re-paired using Hue Essentials app, and all the bulbs re-added to ST as theyre effectively new devices.

check out SharpTools

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This all seems excessive just because there’s no control to select a Sonos favourite in a routine/scene when its available (at least for now) in the Sonos device page in the ST app.

I’m comfortable with software but Id imagine that many users will be unhappy with these extra steps to restore existing basic functionality after these changes are made.

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yep - that is definitely true :frowning:


The following thread is specific to discussing the options for power users who will be losing custom groovy smartapps, including Webcore, but find that basic routines aren’t enough for what they want to do. You might find it of interest. :thinking:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?


Hue is complicated.

Right now there are two official integration options: cloud to cloud or LAN.

Cloud to cloud should continue to work exactly as is.

The LAN integration will require a new Edge Driver. ST has said they are working on one, but it’s not available yet and some of us suspect they may just wait for Matter support to be released by both companies.

There are some community members working on a custom Edge Driver, but it’s still in early beta.

And that’s just if you’re currently using an official integration.

If you’re currently using a custom DTH and/or any custom smartapps for your Hue devices, those will all go away. You will probably have to manually transition to the new platform. And you might lose some advanced features. :thinking:

Damn. I know I complained about the lack of communication just a week ago, but I honestly didn’t expect that the official communication from Samsung would somehow make things MORE confusing. :man_facepalming:

Looks like I made the right call finally switching away.


As far as I know I’m using the official hue integration. Well I don’t see any hue smart apps on my app so it just be the official one.
My routines that have Philips hue bulbs, innr bulbs etc all run locally so I assume I’m not running the cloud to cloud integration?


So that will have to be transitioned to an Edge Driver.

If things were done sensibly, ST would leave the official local LAN groovy integration running until they have a replacement, then automatically transition you, but no promises as they haven’t said officially that that’s the plan. :thinking:

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You’re not overreacting, and I totally agree. I’m sure there are many different user types involved here. I for one am in the category who spent the time initially to get an initial Smartthings-based setup in place which I could “set and forget” with the odd new webcore piston and/or device as the need arose. It’s worked great with the help of many people on here (including you!) but I’m shocked that the ST team are sending out emails about the platform move but have no transition guides in place. If the comms and instructions were clear, I’d be happy to spend the time to properly prepare, migrate and test everything so that I can once again “set and forget” on the new platform. But instead, it seems I’m either going to have to find the information littered across lots of different community posts or wait for the cutover, see what breaks and then fix it. But I don’t like that idea because I’d rather spend the time when I can, rather than when I have to.

Shame really, I’ve toyed with the idea of moving to Home Assistant but ST was giving me everything I needed so I stuck with things as-is. If this becomes too messy and painful, I might actually quit.

Side note - can someone just confirm the v2 hub which I have, is compatible with this new platform?

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It should be as long as the firmware is up to date.

How? Is there a guide on how to assign Edge drivers to my devices? I know my way around the IDE, changing DTHs etc. but no clue on how the new stuff works.

Sheez! I wouldn’t classify my pistons as complex but then that’s relative to how simple the Routines functionality is. It may be that even my not-so-complex pistons are a pain the butt to setup. I think I might just start picking a few of the simplest ones and try and create routines.

This should help.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

ST app is showing my hub as being on firmware version 000.044.00009. I’ve never manually updated the firmware as I assumed it will keep itself up to date.

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That’s fine, then. Anything 43.4 or higher on a V2 should have full Edge Driver support.

The hubs do update firmware automatically, but sometimes someone has had one put away in a drawer and is just now setting it up, maybe for testing.

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As mentioned in the original announcement, September 30th marks the kickoff of the final stage of the Groovy sunset. Below are some updated milestones to help you plan for the transition. We will also share additional info very soon regarding the continued support for Virtual Devices.

Sept 30th

· Start ST-managed DTH migration

· Start migration of SmartLighting and Weather SmartApps to new plug-in

Oct 15th

· Update IDE to only allow updates or deletion of existing DTHs

· Disable the ability to add new SmartApps

· Remove the IDE debugging tools (Live Logging and IDE simulator)

December 12

· Start migration of 3rd party DTH’s to a ST-owned lua driver if they fingerprint match, if not will move to the Thing driver

Dec 31st

· Shutdown custom Groovy DTHs

· Shutdown SmartApp execution

· Removal of SmartApps from catalog

· Graph IDE access will be limited to read-only

Q1 of 2023

· Complete 1st Party DTH migrations

· Shutdown Graph IDE


Will SmartLighting be converted to Routines/Rules or will it be a separate app/driver? If Routines, what happens if the conversion pushes you past the 200 limit?

What Weather SmartApps? Is it still just the Severe Weather Alerts or will the smart weather tile be included?

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This is going to become an issue for all those who just use Smartthings as something that happens quietly in the background and are not interested enough in the mechanics to visit here regularly.

The email sent out is short notice and vague and maybe people will grasp the implications of so few smartapps being migrated - but few can be expected to understand the linked Platform Transition FAQ page.

It’s easy enough to create a routine with trigger conditions but it’s just impossible - and not a lack of familiarity - to do what I need to replace the smartapp - select a preset with Sonos speaker control as one example.

There doesnt seem to be any clear process by which we can get things like that implemented.

Time has been spent implementing niche features like trigger conditions for current humidity or current Hue colour temp etc and not making sure all - not some but all - existing Smartthings provided smartapps features are retained.

This is a classic example of ST using terminology that has never been revealed to the end users. My guess is that a ‘new plug-in’ might mean something similar to the Routines/Scenes creators but who knows.