The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Wow SmartThings, create an announcement post line this and then ignore it without responses to customers questions. Bedsides the previous unanswered questions here’s one more.

Since SmartThings is making this migration mandatory by the end of next month, then why am I not seeing the SmartThings ‘production’ drivers available on the list of available device drivers for an Edge device that I’ve connected using a SmartThings Beta or another developer’s Edge driver? Will the SmartThings default ‘production’ drivers ever appear on the list of available drivers for an Edge device?

Instead of requiring us to go through various fingerprint files to find compatible devices, why not create a web-based database that allows us to easily look up what’s been put in to production? I’m spending hours checking these damn devices against code, getting confused with what’s commented and what’s not. Help us make the transition.

And… oh… how about an app that isn’t slow as balls which more easily allows us to transition?


Move to hubitat, your be able to port all your WebCore pistons, seeing this post on Friday has made me complete the hubitat move (Hadn’t moved z-wave devices across) over this weekend I started over a year ago but Hubconnect (allows ST <-> hubitat communication which will die when groovy dies) made me lazy.


(g) The IDE will eventually also disappear and the only way one will be able to manage device/device settings, will be via the Apple or Android apps.

I think most of your a) to f) is correct: hopefully others will chime in if not.

On g), there is a programmer’s tool, the CLI (command line interface) which you have to download onto a pc and then you can write queries to get some device information, like network ID. I haven’t used it myself because I only have a tablet, no laptop, and because it’s obviously going to be awful to use with a voice reader. (I’m quadriparetic.) But there are community members using it now who can answer more questions.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo has written a detailed post on how to setup the CLI.

Edge Driver or Device Handeler for a TUYA (Zemismart) Zigbee plug with energy mesurment capabilities - #18 by Mariano_Colmenarejo

Otherwise the only documentation I know of is in the developer preview GitHub, but maybe there’s more elsewhere, I haven’t looked. :thinking: Like many people, I’m hoping ST will eventually release a web interface with IDE-like information for the new architecture. But no promises.

Tagging @orangebucket @nayelyz in case there’s a documentation link for the CLI that I’ve missed.


have also not been able to figure out how to migrate my 41 Hue lights.

If they are connected via a hue bridge you don’t have to do anything. The cloud to cloud integration is already using the new architecture and the LAN integration is being automatically updated.

If you are using a custom DTH to connect them directly to a ST hub, it’s like any other custom DTH. Try asking in the author thread for that DTH. :thinking:


That works on the old groovy architecture, though, right? Is there an updated version for the new architecture?

I noticed the other day that Hubitat has built in support for MQTT, so you could set up communication that way using @taustin ‘s Edge based MQTT project, but that’s pretty clunky. ST <->MQTT<->Hubitat.

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Just a note to users reading this part. Do not use HubConnect at this point. When ST starts migrating directly connected devices over to Edge Drivers then HubConnect will not work as it depends on Device Handlers. There are alternative options but I leave that to you to discover. :slight_smile:

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v) Once a device is using an Edge driver, will it be necessary to remove and add the device to change the native Edge driver for the device, to a custom edge drive should one become available? (If I’m correct that the IDE will no longer be used to manage device drivers)

You will first subscribe to the custom edge driver author’s channel and select the driver you want so it gets downloaded to your hub. That can take awhile (reports have been of up to 12 hours: I don’t know what the production standard will be).

Once it’s on your hub, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between available drivers on your hub for that device from the device details page. It will list the drivers you have for that device. Based on reports from people in the early beta, the production driver should be on that list also. (@Automated_House might know.)

The IDE will be shut down when the transition is complete so, yes, you are correct that it is not used to manage Edge Drivers.

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at @JDRoberts and @jkp I wasn’t promoting HubConnect usage, I just said it made me lazy, and finding out I had 6 weeks before it broke it make me complete the move ASAP


I have been looking since this rushed announcement, one thing I am not seeing with Hubitat is a commitment to Matter. The question on the forum was kind of blown by…


To be honest, a Z wave to matter integration is going to be complicated, because most Z wave hubs don’t use IP addresses for the end devices. So that’s a lot of work. I suspect that’s why Samsung is only going to offer a one-way integration for matter: you will be able to bring Matter-compliant devices into the smartthings app, but you will not be able to add the smartthings hub to other matter-compliant apps like Apple home or IKEA Dirigera.

My guess is that most of the Z wave hub manufacturers are just going to wait on matter to see if silicon labs, the Z wave chip manufacturer, comes up with a matter solution for Z wave. maybe as part of Series 800. SI has been making some statements that imply that they might do this, but nothing specific yet.

SmartThings was willing to go to market with the one-way integration, but then they have one of the more popular home automation apps.

But this is all just speculation on my part, no one has made any public announcements that I’ve seen.

So I think we may just have to wait and see on this specific issue. :thinking:

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I sincerely appreciate everyone’s input regarding my questions. The chaotic manner in which Samsung is dealing with this, is beyond infuriating and makes it difficult not to make an emotional decision about moving away from the Smartthings platform.


Deleting the device and then deleting the custom DTH and then re-adding the device forced to choose the stock edge driver. Thank you very much.

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Why does this matter? Will one work and one not after all the changes?

Why does this matter? Will one work and one not after all the changes?

The IDE is being discontinued as part of the changes.

I understand that but why does that matter for a virtual device that was created long ago? Will it not switch to a new edge virtual device?

I think it is a definite possibility that it will given the virtual switch is a stock DTH and a virtual switch Edge driver has been created.

However if you created the device manually you may not have assigned it to a hub in order to have a cloud based virtual switch, in which case migrating to an Edge device wouldn’t make sense.

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This is actually the reason I created my virtual devices using the IDE to begin with. When I used the labs, it didn’t assign my hub and then I wasn’t able to do that in the IDE either.

I imagine the Home Assistant integration with SmartThings is going to stop working as well? I have been putting off moving all my Zigbee and Z-wave devices off of SmartThings and into Home Assistant as the current integration has worked quite well. If this change will stop the integration from working I guess I better get some USB sticks and start migrating all my devices…and all my automations too.

This whole rollout seems to have been completely botched and providing users and developers just barely over a month to make massively sweeping changes is totally unacceptable.

Hi @nayelyz

Do you have any feedback on my previous questions regarding the Routine Creator?

Can you please provide some information around the future/launch of this?
Looking through the js files at, it looks like a lot of work was done to create a front end user interface…

Is this product still within the timeline of “coming soon”?
If so, can you give us an estimate?
Or can you say if the beta will be opened to more users?

Or is this project now dead?

Thank you