The app log needs a filter option

(Cory S) #1

I often check the log to see if any relevant activities have happened, like a door opening, or a motion sensor going off. The problem is the multi sensors flood the logs with temperature data really badly

(Gray) #2

I agree. Also it would be really nice to be able to get battery level or temperature readings isolated from the others, so that I can have a snapshot of current values for all relevant things.

(Cory S) #3

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As an example, I wanted to check to see when the last time my mailbox was opened. To find out I had to scroll through 3 pages of logs indicating temperature sweeps throughout the day. Also, when I found the open/close event, like everything else it indicates how many hours ago something happened instead of a date/time which can get a little confusing after a few days.

My wife and I went on a mini-vacation for memorial day weekend and we wanted to make sure the house sitter arrived when she said she would to watch our dogs, after finding out she had I thought all was good. The housesitter was related closely to my Wife, but due to past experiences I was a little concerned about trusting her with our dogs (They’re like my kids). 2 days into our trip I remembered I had put a open closed sensor on their dog food bin as a way to help graph out feeding times (long story) bringing that up I discovered she hadn’t fed the dogs once since we left. That really has nothing to do with the subject, except that this would had all been a lot easier to find out if there wasn’t pages of irrelevant information to go through.

(Scouse Pete) #4

maybe there are people who want to monitor the temperature every 7 minutes :wink:

I agree. Filter please!

(Daniel) #5

I realize this isn’t exactly what is being requested here, but thought I’d point it out:

If you drill down into the settings menu for a specific thing OR into any group of Things you’ve created, and THEN pull up the log, it filters to only show the log events related to those items.

(Cory S) #6

Right, but some items spam the log, like the multi-sensors with irrelevant data.

(Joe H) #7

Ill add my request to this as well. The multi sensors are nice but I don’t need to know the temperature on the sensor on my garage door 30 times per day.