Terrible Gen 1 Support!

I can’t be the only one extremely pissed off that gen 1 hub (read: the garbage hub) owners only got a bundle deal discount on the new hub.

The coupon code could be used by anyone and sold out instantly. Also gen 1 owners probably have enough sensors for their whole system. I’d much rather a discount on the hub itself. Let us send you our current piece of trash for a discount on the new one!!

The v1 hub doesn’t function nearly as well as it does in advertisements and now we have to shell out another $100 just to have a working system!!

oh my god… people are really awfully annoying…


If you’re unhappy enough with the current system to say that it doesn’t work, I don’t know that v2 will solve those issues.


Yup… lots of whiners. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’d think that:

  1. Nobody took the 30 days after receiving the V1 product to do some testing and then consider returning it for a full refund.

  2. That both Hub V1 and Hub V2 cost much more than $99; which is trivial compared to the price of just 3 or 4 add-on devices.

  3. That they are being forced to buy Hub V2 immediately or lose their chance forever.

  4. That the discount on the Hub V2 for existing customers was a pot of gold.

  5. That there are zero other choices in the marketplace – SmartThings has a monopoly, so that’s why they chose to charge only $99 (and less after rebate) for Hub V2 … right!?

  6. That Hub V2 will cure cancer and bring about world peace.

We all need to breathe and have a little perspective, no?


I’m just excited about the built-in margarita maker.


Getting sick of seeing first time community member posts moaning about a promo code . . . If they spent 30 minutes in the community or frequently getting involved or even joined a dev chat once in a while they would know the ST team enough to know a small issue with a leaked promo code would be rectified and they wouldnt just let it go !!!

Its amazing how quick community users sign in to complain but not to give back or contribute ideas, and amusingly if they did so, they would know the answers they are seeking without having to even Rant.


Perhaps the Forum needs to have a “Complainer” Badge? :hear_no_evil:

Though I should be careful in suggesting new Badge types, lest I earn a few demerits myself! :speak_no_evil:


HAHAHAHAHA - Imagine . . . New Badges Available:

The Complainer Badge

The Promo Code Warrior Badge

The Ive Never Used This Community Constructively Or Even For Research, But Still Feel I Know Better And Will Rant Rant Rant Badge

The Last 24 Hours Has Been A Bore Around Here… Its Like The School Holidays: All The Kids Are At Home Getting In The Way, Moaning About What’s For Tea Whilst Your Trying To Actually Do Something Productive !!!


Wow, this was a pretty generous promo code. You won’t see many other companies offering anything similar. Not sure how you can complain really. Do I need another contact sensor? Probably not, but I’ll find a use for it.


I knew id seen something similiar:



My V1 Hub has done crazier (in a good way) stuff than I have seen in any of the commercials. Does it have issues sometimes? You betcha. But support has always been very responsive, and not a single issue I have taken to this community has been left unresolved. If your system only works half the time then something has gone terribly wrong. I have offered to help troubleshoot in previous threads, and the offer still stands.


Needs the perfect icon…

…7. That hub v2 should be delivered with v1 personal devices preloaded.

.8 That hub v2 will turn the lights on, even if the power is out.


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All of this! They didn’t have to provide anything to V1 owners, anything they do is a bonus. I don’t understand how they owe us anything.

While there have been some bumps with V1 it’s worked great 90% of the time, I’m a happy with my purchase and have recommended it to my more tech savvy friends.


You know… Every time I hear that the v2 hub will have a battery backup, this is EXACTLY what goes through my mind. Of course, nearly all my “things” are either directly or indirectly related to electrical switches. As well, being my hub is on the same UPS as my network switch (which lasts for about 4 hours), my hub is running long after any power failure kills every other AC powered device.

(I wonder if v2 can run without the batteries installed. It seems that they’d be a waste for me.)

It would be nice to guarantee enough power & cellular connection for UL Certified alarm monitoring & insurance discounts. Someday…

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You can get the insurance discount right now. Just tell them you have security system. And yes, cellular backup would be nice, BUT why would you need it, if your siren runs locally. The security companies have the cell backup to communicate an event to their server, right? You will have the back up…When the lights go out and the siren goes off, you pick up your cell and dial 911. No need to wait for the ADT to call you so you can tell them to call 911 because you have an intruder. Cut the middle man.

There may be some insurance companies that will, but none have been reported yet in the forums and many members have been trying to get this for a year or so. There has been much forum discussion about it. Specifically, State Farm, Allstate, farmers, and Prudential, do not at present accept SmartThings as a “security system” that qualifies for a discount.

Most insurance companies will ask for a “certificate” before they will give you the discount. the certificate is a copy of the monitoring system’s UL listing. Smartthings does not have this and so you cannot get one. Simplisafe, scout, front point, and some other systems do have it. Those systems may seem similar at first glance, but there are important feature differences that matter when it comes to getting the certificate.

At least one insurance company will give a small discount even for an unmonitored system, but they require that it be a branded package, not mix-and-match devices and that the package include a camera. This lets Iris qualify for that particular company, but not smartthings.

Again, this is all been previously discussed in the forms. If you know of a specific insurance company that will give a discount for someone with a SmartThings system please do post it in the insurance topic: many people would like that information.

As for why someone might prefer a monitored system to doing it all themselves and calling 911 themselves, there are many reasons.

Some people like to be able to go to the movies and turn off their cellphones.

Some people, like me, find it physically difficult to make phone calls. (I am quadriparetic.) Other people may be deaf, or take medication, or are simply heavy sleepers and like the backup of a professional monitoring system when they are asleep.

Still other people live in high crime areas and are concerned about home invasions where they themselves are the target of criminals and would not be able to make a phone call. Situations where a criminal followed you to your door and pushes through with you. You might have just enough time to push the panic button but not actually call 911, and the criminal might take the device away from you.

If you want to do all the monitoring yourself, that’s fine. But different people have different priorities and different capabilities. It’s always good to have choices.


2% off or less.

Not worth the risk that they will claim fraud if it doesn’t meet their impossible to obtain written requirements.

BTW: SmartThings is “secretly” working with a few home insurance companies. Don’t ask.

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My post was more or less a joke. You made very good points. Obviously, I am not a fan of security companies, but neither have the challenges you had mentioned in your post. I do however keep an eye on the progress the Abode is making. It sounds like a pretty good alternative to the likes of ADT, and I may even consider trying them out one day.:http://www.goabode.com