Overriding Routine with Manual Action


I have created a action with smart lighting whereby when i enter my living room the motion sensor triggers a lamp with a HUE BULB and also the Samsung Smart Plug which has a glass bowl of fairy lights connected to it. This is perfect and if there is movement for 8 minutes they go out which works great. This is also only in action from 4pm when its dark until 8am.

The issue is when i want to slightly alter the set up. Occasionally for example it would be nice to turn off the fairy lights but because motion is detected they immediately come back on.

Please help ST community

What are the conditions in which you want to turn them off?

Sorry I not sure exactly hue you mean. Literally it just down to individual preference at the time. So exactly same as below but due to wanting to be more cinema like choosing to turn off the smart plug connected fairy lights

If you are using rule machine to make all of this occur, you can create a virtual switch on the IDE. In the rule for the lights with motion use the override option at the bottom.

When you want to disable the lights, turn on the virtual switch.