[RELEASE] Sleeping Kids/Elderly Motion Alert When Parents Aren't Home

Sleeping Kids/Elderly Motion Alert When Parents Aren’t Home

This SmartApp monitors rooms where kids/elderly are sleeping while ALL parents aren’t at home. The parents will get notifications (SMS or Push) if there is motion in any of the configured rooms while they are away from home.

Key Features

  • Select the rooms to monitor
  • Select the parents who should be away from home
  • Set notification options
    • Push
    • Silent logging
    • Multiple SMS numbers
    • Spoken notifications (Sonos or Alexa)

Installation Instructions

You can find step by step installation instructions here

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Sleeping Kids Motion Alert When Parents Aren’t Home - Version 1.1.0

  • Added support for ST Contact Address book
  • Added support for sending SMS’s to multiple users for users who don’t have ST Contact Address Book

If the parents are away, and the kids are sleeping, isn’t this a violation of most US States Laws? Should this not send an alert to the local authorities that you left the kids unattended with no adult supervision? :grin: Unless this is for situations where there’s a babysitter or someone else watching the kids?

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Yeah I guess you could set it up to send a SMS to your local authority if you’d like.
Bottom line like you said, it notifies you when there’s movement when the “designated” person is not at home.

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Depends on the age of the kids, and laws vary by state. But last I looked there were only three states that had an actual law on this, and in one of them the kids just had to be age 8 and up.


It might well fall under neglect, it just really depends on the circumstances. There are guidelines on these, but not laws.


I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but it’s not technically illegal in most places in and of itself.

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Yep, I assumed this applied to all states, being in Illinois, the law is no child under the age of 14 can be left alone.

I’d still highly advise against it, just sounds like horrible parenting, especially to involve Home Automation into leaving children home alone sleeping.

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Actually I disagree, it’s one step safer to use this as a backup to ensure that the baby sitter or adult or whoever’s supposed to be looking after the child is there.

Flip side, there are better use cases to consider. My spouse uses this a LOT, she loves to take early morning walks but wants to head back when the kids start to wake up. And yeah I’m in my room deep in slumber catching up from pulling all nighter on SmartThings :slight_smile:


Well, the “kids” could be 16 and 17, parents out to the theatre, kids supposed to be asleep by midnight, parents expect to be home by 130.

Or the kids are one 10 year-old and one 16 year-old, the young one has poison ivy and they’ve run out of calamine lotion and the mom has run out to the grocery store to pick some up.

It could also be used for a wellness check on a senior relative to get an alert if they’re getting up in the night.

Like many things, I think it just depends on how it’s used. It’s not bad in and of itself. :sunglasses:

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Great idea to use this as a wellness check for elderly relatives!


Sleeping Kids/Elderly Motion Alert When Parents Aren’t Home - Version 1.2.0

  • Added support to automatically check for SmartApp and Device updates and notify user

After updating the code, open the SmartApp and click Done for the changes to take effect

This is still one of my favorite lines in this forum.


Sleeping Kids/Elderly Motion Alert When Parents Aren’t Home - Version 01.02.01

  • Update due to change in ST phone app, now you can separate multiple SMS numbers by using a *

Still one of my favorite comments here…


Sleeping Kids/Elderly Motion Alert When Parents Aren’t Home - Version 01.03.00

  • Updated logo
  • Added support for multiple SMS, silent and spoken notifications (Sonos/Alexa etc)