What's the quicker sensor: Ecobee3 or ST Temp/Humidity?

I’m wondering which is the more sensitive, i.e. quickest to respond to change, temperature sensor? I’ve got a choice of the E3 sensor or the ST Temp/Humidity types, to control a Keen Vent.

Seems like the E3 sensor might be quicker, as a .1F-degree IR sensor vs. the ST with more conventional temp sensor taking a while to respond to changes, but there’s that polling and response lag between the Ecobee cloud and the ST cloud to consider too.

Anyone care to hazard a guess on which might respond more quickly overall to changes in room temperature?

E3 is maybe quicker, but you can access change of state just 1x 15minutes.

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The ST sensor is more versatile overall, since it can sense a bunch of stuff and you can have almost realtime access to the data.

Keep in mind that with something like the Aeotec multi-sensor you have the option of plugging it and forego any battery worries too, which is not possible with the remote ecoBee sensor.

I thought that yvesracine’s E3 code had recently gone to more frequent polling somehow. I didn’t realize the E3 only allows API access at intervals - that would pretty much explain why using the connection between it and ST was pretty unresponsive when I tried it.
On examination, the ST Temp/Humidity sensor has a small round indent on the inside of the plastic case, directly over what appears to be a thermistor bead.
I’m thinking of drilling the hole through the case to the outside, to perhaps improve the responsiveness of the temperature sensing.
Thoughts? Comments?

I do not think it will improve significantly to bother to drill hole. You can test it. Put it in the freezer for 30 min until temp will be -10C and measure how many minutes until room temperature is 20C. Try it again with hole. I bet that result wil be almost same.