Temperature reverting to C

Just found in my inbox that Support had responded to my ticket on Friday. Advice so far is just to set Temperature Scale to F in the IDE.

So… I’ll second @RBoy in saying that everyone should submit a ticket to draw attention to this.

This is an issue with the device plugin that was released last week. As noted, the plugin is not honoring the location setting of Fahrenheit and changing the device to Fahrenheit via the gear icon does not persist.

The issue was escalated to the appropriate development team.


@Brad_ST, happening on Android too!


Happening on my android.


Happening on Android.


Apologies for my case of the Mondays - the issue was escalated as impacting Android in addition to iOS. Thanks all!


The question I have is WHY is the plugin doing unit conversions at all? How is it being requested?

Some of us have been messing around with capability presentations where we explicitly define things like e.g. temperature using the value and unit of the attribute. So if the unit in the attribute is Fahrenheit it is reasonable to expect it to be displayed in Fahrenheit. It might even be safety or mission critical for it to be displayed like that. What is the point if the plugin is going to feel free to override it?

I’m not saying it isn’t a useful feature, I am saying it has to be controlled. What next? Seeing times displayed with EST and displaying them in GMT because the user’s location is assumed to be in the UK? I know it sounds flippant but it is the same concept.

The plugin really is a becoming a big problem. We have an API defining how capabilities should be presented, and yet the plugin happily changes detail types, invents new ones, combines them and introduces completely undocumented features. Some of it is great stuff but it has to be in developer and user control. And now rewriting data?

Sorry for the rant …


iRobot type stuff happening with that plugin.

Does anyone know if this will be fixed? I have a significant investment into Smartthings devices, but if I can’t rely on them I need to toss them and find another solution.
This issue cost me lots of money, I have a remote sensor controlling my thermostat. Since it was changed to now use celsius, the rboy smartapp I am using is setting the thermostat to 60F instead of 72F, because the return value is Celsius not Fahrenheit.

This really is bad guys, how is this possible? How can I rely on this system if things change for no reason causing my simple controls to break? If anyone is interested I may be selling all of my sensors and hub. The fact that automations can’t run when offline is also very troublesome. How do people rely on this platform? I am unsure at this time.


That’s great, but when will it be fixed? This is causing me significant issues. If the answer is “Sometime soon” then I may be needing to sell all of my ST gear. I am pretty tired of things not being tested properly, for a group of development focused people, there’s no excuse for the constant issues I have experienced. I apologize for being terse, but after years of using the system it may just be time to trash it and start over. If I can’t rely on the system, it’s not useful to me. Can anyone from Samsung explain how this will not happen again in the future and provide a root cause analysis? If we can’t get to that level of detail I’ll just move on and post my experience everywhere I can…


Causing everyone significant issues :slight_smile:

Okay I guess that makes it better :laughing:

I thought this was just a display issue in the new app and not a back-end data issue that would affect SmartApps, so I’m not sure how the this problem can be causing your thermostat get set to the wrong value. (I’m not seeing this problem, so I can’t tell, and I mostly don’t use the new app anyway).

FWIW, all your sensors will work on any other system that has Z-wave and Zigbee radios (there are several). I’m not sure how saying you will “toss them” is going to help.

@liv_john - it helps because the platform is unstable. I don’t need these devices in my home if I constantly have to chase issues I do not create. Tossing them is the quickest path to not have to deal with it. I’d rather spend more money and use hardware that works :slight_smile: have a good one guys. Hope someone fixes this sometime. It’s unacceptable to have an issue like this for days with no real ETA for resolution. Completely unacceptable. I’ll just share my experience with others, toss the devices and move on. Good luck waiting on someone to fix something that shouldn’t have been released broken anyway… cheers

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The sensors are not the problem.

Thanks @jlv for pointing that out, very helpful, the system is still broken with no ETA for fix.

This is my last post, good luck fellas with your cloud solution you have no control over :laughing: Enjoy that I’ll never be back.

https://iot.mozilla.org/gateway/ <- You should check this out. Two of my friends already threw their smartthings stuff out because of continued issues. Between the issues and big companies dragnetting our personal data, I am so done with ST. Good luck Samsung!

Welcome to DIY home automation weezy90. If stuff worked all the time and was perfect, everyone would probably automate. :slight_smile:


It’s also causing issues with my automations to alert me of low temperature conditions.

Something like this needs to be fixed quickly. This should.not even be an issue. Come on smartthings.