Temperature reverting to C

Mine show F on the tiles and C when I open them.
Simple Device Viewer shows them in F.

Same with mine. I also have some custom dth temperature things and I know its passing F with the temperature updates but still see C when I open the sensor to the details page

Same here!

Me too. Ecobee sensor, so impacts the cloud integrations, too.

I think it’s a problem in the UI, not tied to any single DTH. Behavior is consistent across all of my devices, just different depending on whether the slider is temperature only or a combo temp/humidity slider.

If support tells you to uninstall/reinstall the app, don’t bother. I went ahead and bit the bullet on that one. It shows F the first time you look at a device after reinstalling, but then starts showing C every time after.

I just noticed that many sensors and a couple other devices I have that report temperature have started using the C scale instead of F, which is what my Location’s scale is set to be. Anyone else experiencing this?

This just started happening, but I don’t know exactly when. I know I should email support, but as it always happens with emailing support, I don’t want to wait a few days only to be told to reinstall the app, remove and rejoin a device, and/or eventually reset my hub…

What’s odd is that the DTH the device is using doesn’t matter, and on the main tile in the new app’s dashboard the scale is correct. It’s only when looking at the detail view of the device that you see the wrong scale. The Classic app uses the correct scale, of course.

Here’s an example of a sensor using ST’s stock SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor DTH:

Wonderful new app:

Location Scale:

Device states in the IDE:

The working Classic App:

Example of the Dashboard tile showing the right scale, but the detail view doesn’t:


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Experiencing the same issue.

Experiencing the same issue as well on the iOS app.

Same issue here as well…

Same issue for me. Nothing I do changes it permanently.

Take a video / screenshot and report it to support@smartthings.com

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Just found in my inbox that Support had responded to my ticket on Friday. Advice so far is just to set Temperature Scale to F in the IDE.

So… I’ll second @RBoy in saying that everyone should submit a ticket to draw attention to this.

This is an issue with the device plugin that was released last week. As noted, the plugin is not honoring the location setting of Fahrenheit and changing the device to Fahrenheit via the gear icon does not persist.

The issue was escalated to the appropriate development team.


@Brad_ST, happening on Android too!


Happening on my android.


Happening on Android.


Apologies for my case of the Mondays - the issue was escalated as impacting Android in addition to iOS. Thanks all!


The question I have is WHY is the plugin doing unit conversions at all? How is it being requested?

Some of us have been messing around with capability presentations where we explicitly define things like e.g. temperature using the value and unit of the attribute. So if the unit in the attribute is Fahrenheit it is reasonable to expect it to be displayed in Fahrenheit. It might even be safety or mission critical for it to be displayed like that. What is the point if the plugin is going to feel free to override it?

I’m not saying it isn’t a useful feature, I am saying it has to be controlled. What next? Seeing times displayed with EST and displaying them in GMT because the user’s location is assumed to be in the UK? I know it sounds flippant but it is the same concept.

The plugin really is a becoming a big problem. We have an API defining how capabilities should be presented, and yet the plugin happily changes detail types, invents new ones, combines them and introduces completely undocumented features. Some of it is great stuff but it has to be in developer and user control. And now rewriting data?

Sorry for the rant …


iRobot type stuff happening with that plugin.