Temp Sensor + Nest

(Heath Reed) #1

I want to be able to use the Aeon Multisensor to trigger my nest thermostat. I have the Nest setup and is working great. My Nest is located upstairs on a second floor. Lets say the Nest is set to 65 degrees. My 1st floor or basement maybe colder because the Nest is located on a different level. If my Aeon Multisensor says that my first floor is 64 degrees is there a way to have it trigger the Nest to raise the temperature?

(Heath Reed) #2

That is what I was looking for. This is now resolved for me.

(Acastal) #3

That app controls the fan. The stock “Keep Me Cozy II” actually turns on the heat or AC on.


(Heath Reed) #4

Keep Me Cozy 2 may work but it doesn’t seem as dynamic as the one above. It seems more of a Large Range rather then a difference between the two.

Maybe I am confused on how it works. When it says Heat Setting does that mean the MAXIMUM Heat, My Target Heat? What about cooling? What happens if both are configured at once?

(Acastal) #5

I have only used it for heating. The target is the temperature sensor. If my office is 60 (with the multisensor) and the Thermostat is 70 and the thermostat is set to 70 it will keep turning up the thermostat until the office is 70. This could mean turning the thermostat way up, like to 80 or more. It’s nice if you want to automatically get a cold room up to heat (when you first sense motion on the otherwise always unused office) but certainly not very energy efficient.