Best Temperature Sensor for Virtual Thermostat

I got into SmartThings last fall. One of the reasons I chose it was the Smart Thermostat app. I have a space heater in my bedroom, and I wanted to be able to control it more precisely. Last winter I used one of the Smartthings Multi sensors that came with the kit as my temperature source. I’ve since moved that sensor to an exterior door. It’s getting chilly again and I need to replace it. I was hoping to be able to use a Quirky Spotter that I bought when ThinkGeek had them on sale earlier this year, but since that integration has been removed I’m open to suggestions. What device have people had the best luck with regarding temperature, especially for Virtual Thermostat type uses?

Although the Aeon multi-sensor costs more, it is also more accurate than the SmartThings multi/contact sensor. I have 8 or 10 of the latter, and every one spikes +3 degrees once an hour for about 3 minutes…

Yeah, I agree on the Aeon multi-sensor. Mine has been great. Motion, temperature, humidity, light levels - that’s a lot of information to use for triggers.
I have a small space heater (controlled with an on/off plug) in one room that doesn’t heat up well. I have it kick the heater on for 10 minutes when the temp gets too cold.

Thanks, I’ll go ahead and order the Aeon multi. I’d still be interested in hearing any experiences with other devices.

Have an AEON multi myself based on the same information from these guys. I have purchased more to fill out the matrix on the house. Work well, and seem to hold up well.

The “Fibaro FGK-101 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” ( should be the ideal Temperature Sensor.
It is extremely small and very accurate…
…except that SmartThings does not support the Temperature Channel at this time, and I have not yet figured how to program a custom Handler for it.
So the Aeon Multi-Sensor is likely your best bet, if you don’t care for its bulk.

Got my Aeon Multi today. It took a few tries to get it paired and reporting temperature. I had to search and find a thread suggesting pairing it while plugged in so that it can be configured properly. it would be nice if the SmartThings app suggested then when it sees this device. A way to manually specify the check-in interval would also be good.