Temp / humidity sensor UK

Hi all.

I googled for SmartThings temperature and humidity and found the Temp / Humidity Sensor.

I’d like it to monitor my crested gecko vivarium. I’d like to turn on or off the heater with the sensor and alert when the humidity is low.

However I can’t seem to find it in the UK. It’s not the same as the Moisture Sensor is it?

I found the Everspring one, don’t know if there is a device handler for it though.


Hope that’s of some use :smile:

Thanks Chris.

I’ve ordered a couple of switches from vesternet before and they’re good. Will have a look.

Basically, I’m trying to buy this but in UK. Does it exist?


Search on the forum for ST814 - theres a user-written one that Ive been using in the UK for months.


I’ve had a look at the Everspring sensor and I don’t think it would be suitable for inside a vivarium. With the screen and the buttons etc.

The SmartThings sensor is just a small lump of plastic. Easy to clean etc.



The Temp/Humidity sensor was discontinued when we updated our product line for the launch of our new hub. If you were to obtain a used US model it should pair and work fine with your hub.

Otherwise, check out the Aeon Multi. It’s not the same form factor, but it includes temperature and humidity measurements.

@Tyler Thanks for your reply.

Does the moisture sensor report humidity? Or is it a 0/1 water present measurement?