Technisat Smartthings compatible needs extra hub?

I have a technisat wall switch, this is a supported device

When trying to add the device to Smartthings I get the info “please install the Hub”.
I´m really wondering why this happens, do I really need beside the Samsung Hub another Technisat hub? Can this be true, is there a data base where I can see devices which I can connect directly?

Thanks Oliver

No you dont need a hub. All of the z-wave and zigbee devices except philips hue that can do both connect directly to the hub.

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Hi, but the App says, when adding the switch: “please install a hub”… Any idea how to avoid this? Thanks

Please share a screenshot

And your SmartThings hub has been installed into SmartThings and is visible in the app?

Sorry I already deinstalled the switch, as I have to get my light on :slight_smile: Simply one sentence: installation not possible, please install a hub and yes I have a fully working hub with many buttons, waterleak Sensor, …