Teardown of SmartThings v3 Hub

Is there any tutorial showing how to teardown the smartthings v3 hub? I want to have a look at the board of the hub and the specification of every component, e.g., the flash chip and cpu.

You could look at the FCC filing.

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Would you please share me some links?



It seems like that this is not my tpye…

My v3 model number is GP-U999SJVLGDA, while this one is IM6001-V3.

Do these different models share the same board? Because I didn’t find any FCC ID for model GP-U999SJVLGDA.

They are one in the same

Thanks a lot!

Jimmy via SmartThings Community <smartthings@discoursemail.com> 于2020年12月24日周四 上午1:31写道:

Just curious, what are you doing with the info?

Are you modifying your hub? Anything cool?

After this I can see that ebay and the Chinese webshops are going to be full of cheap SmartThings Hubs…

Good luck! Just a fair warning, what you are planning to do is against the end user agreement and I believe is against many federal laws as well.

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Gosh. Thanks for your kind reminder and I should give up.

this thing has been around since 2018
what is the thread ant?
still has bluetooth
adds wifi