Tasker plugin/integration for Android App

Thanks @joshua_lyon! I am trying the SharpTools beta right now, and it seems to be working pretty well. It is doing what I want, and more. And is much, much easier than creating my own endpoint, etc. I’ll have to test it out a bit more, but it looks like it should work pretty well.

I didn’t see it in the previous info about ShartTools, but it does require two separate in-app purchases for the Tasker plug, and then for widgits. There is a 7 day trial period separately for both of those.

I am using the AlarmPad app that has a Tasker plugin so that I will have things happen when my alarm goes off in the morning. As well as have it shut things down when I enable/disable my alarm at night.

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I am really happy with this plugin so far, the added query feature is nice for example checking the integrity of my apartment when leaving ie are all windows closed is a nice addition! Highly recommended. just ordered a Fibaro motion sensor and hoping that the device config in ST will support setting led color and brightness! then I will set red led when system is armed via sharptools and tasker :smile:

I have noticed that when stuff is executed I get a result:succes flash. Is it possbile to use this in some way? To set an action as done or something? Any ideas? I guess I could intercept it with autonotification maybe?

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@m203 I’m glad you are enjoying the plugin!

Let me do some testing related to your question… I am setting Success and Failure codes on the actions that return data so you should be able to react based on those. If I remember correctly the actions that execute events are run asynchronously (eg. they fire and Tasker continues before they complete), so I need to look into those.

You could subscribe to the attribute that you expect to change and setup another Tasker profile that reacts to that. For example, in Profile A you have an action that locks the door (perhaps from a voice command, or when your phone detects it’s connected to your car). Then in Profile B, you would have an event context that reacts when the ‘lock’ attribute of your door changes and could take whatever action you want (eg. change a Hue light to red and speak a confirmation message on your phone). Additionally, you could have a profile that runs at a certain time or based on a geofence (for example, when you get to work), that queries the state of the lock to make sure it is locked and could notify you if the door was not locked.

How do you do the 7 day trial, I only see the in app prurchase. I wanted to try before I buy.


@mcvoss The 7 day trial starts when you activate those things (start using them). And it is a separate 7 day trial for the Tasker plugin and the launcher widgets.

I have gladly paid for the Tasker plugin since that has been working great, and even been improved since I started using it!

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Sorry for the noob question but, can anyone provide some detailed info on how to set-up the SharpTools app with SmartThings? Authorization, adding things…that kinda stuff.

There are a handful of examples at:

Have you downloaded the app and tried it out? Once you download SharpTools, open the app settings and tap authorize. It will walk you through selecting your devices and will take care of the rest.


If you have an android phone this plugin together with tasker is a must!

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@joshua_lyon do you use autolocation with sharptools? I can’t seem keep the geofence and location monitor to stay ON. I turn it on today and the next time I look in the settings it’s off again. Just curious if you have any tips you can share.

Yes, I use AutoLocation with SharpTools. That seems like an AutoLocation specific question, so I would post on the AutoApps community on Google+. João Dias is the developer of AutoLocation and is usually pretty good about responding.

I would also check if you have any Tasker tasks which turn the AutoLocation monitor on or off. I’ve seen it happen several times where someone was playing with the plugin and accidentally setup a task that modified the monitor state. Normally if you turn on the Geofence monitor it will stay on. I would also check the AutoLocation logs (inside the app) to see if there are any clues as to what is going on.

Are you using the Location features or just the Geofence features? For most presence based solutions, usually just the Geofence solution is sufficient.

This looks really interesting. I am trying to get xbmc to tell smartthings it’s playing something.

I use Yatze as my remote control (android) for kodi/xbmc. So if i can confirm that tasker can grab the state of yatze as playing - then can I use sharptools to send a trigger to smartthings to envoke a mode change? i.e move playing and hence lights dim etc.

Yatse does have limited support for Tasker. A while back, I was able to get a profile running that grabbed the state of Yatse although I remember the metadata being somewhat limited at the time.

I would poke around with it a bit and feel free to ask questions here or split off a new thread (and tag me) where you might get more attention.

Edit: I did a quick search and it sparked my memory a bit… I think I ended up using the Yatse broadcast intents and capturing them in Tasker and translating the data into variables. It ended up being a bit convoluted and more effort than I expected and I recall the metadata being somewhat limited but sufficient for my needs:

PS. I would also note that you could do this direct from XBMC/Kodi to SmartThings if you are OK with a bit of coding (example).

thanks Joshua - I had a look at the intent and it makes sense. Would be great to get that direct setup going - i’ll check it out with more detail. doesn’t look like anyone is working on a direct smartapp for kodi which is a shame

Is it possible to utilize this so that when my phone connects to my home WiFi, my door will unlock?

Yes. You can probably start with the below example and adapt it it your use case:

Yes but that’s a bit risky… Its not uncommon for you phone to disconnect from your wifi even though you are sitting in your living room. Maybe just a hiccup but once it reconnects your door will unlock. Imagine this happening when you are sleeping…

In the ‘other community thoughts’ section of the linked article there is a section about using prompts for things like for locks instead of unlocking them directly.


Hi joshua_lyon,

is it possible to remove or disable this horrible toast “Result: success” after Thing attribute is read or updated ?
Sorry but this is a bug that it is being shown each time without possibility to disable it.

I have a periodic task in tasker, to update “Simulated Temperature Sensor” and each time it runs, I see that horrible toast.

@btrial thanks for the feedback and sorry that things aren’t working as expected for you! I have prioritized adding a toggle to disable the toast messages and will work on including it in an upcoming release. I received your feedback on the Trello work item, email, and the Play Store and responded similarly to each, so my apologies if this is redundant!

I can understand how it might be frustrating to see the Success toast messages when you Tasker is frequently updating a virtual thing. Thanks for sharing your particular use-case!

I just pushed 3.3 (r66) to the Beta channel with an option to disable the Success Toast Messages. Let me know how it works for you!