Tasker notifications not working properly

Installed Tasker paid version then installed sharptools and paid the Tasker under unlockables, added smartthings to sharptools made a profile in Tasker and I’m getting “useless notifications” and “no active profiles”, notifications are turned on, any suggestions

Can you clarify what you are trying to accomplish?

Both of the notifications in your screenshot are default notifications from Tasker.

The newest version of Tasker will show the ‘Useless Notification’ when you first install/upgrade Tasker. If you open the Tasker app, it provides a summary why that notification is there and guides you to disabling it (or you can just tap the notification to disable it).

The second notification is an optional notification that shows which Tasker profiles are active. You can hide the notification from Tasker Preferences → Monitor

Thanks for that information, got those notifications adjusted. I’m trying to get a notification when a contact sensor is opened, but the only only thing that happens is sharptools pops a notification for a split second and then disappears, Tasker isn’t popping any notifications.
I long presses on the contact sensor in sharptools and select subscribe to contact, then go into tasker and make a profile select thing-event-plugin-sharptools-thing state then go into configuration and name the sensor same as it is in smartthings and leave attributes blank, then in task i select audio notification pulse under set i select on

Have you tried leaving the device name filter blank in the Thing State plugin for testing? If both the thing and attribute field are left blank in the Thing State event plugin, then it should match all events that SharpTools receives.

You might also start by using an Alert → Notify action in the profile so it’s a bit easier to see and make sure the system isn’t somehow muting the audio notification or something?

The other thing you could try is to enable the Push Event Debug Notifications in SharpTools:

  1. Open the main SharpTools app
  2. Slide out the left navigation and select Settings
  3. Select Push Events
  4. Check the box next to Push Event Debug Notifications

What this setting does is anytime an event is received by SharpTools, it will create it’s own notification which shows you the details of the received event (device id, attribute name, attribute value, etc)