Take out the Dog App

Take out the Dog is available here

SmartApp: apps/takeOutDog.groovy
Device Type: devices/takeOutDog.groovy

This application was designed as a companion to SmartAlarm. The need was to allow someone to leave a door while the system is disarmed, then once returned trigger the alarm system back on. Set the actions to take when the switch is in the on state or the lock is put in an unlock state. This includes a Hello Home, mode change, and/or enabling switches. Next, select when to register as returned. This can be done either by setting the delay time or by selecting a contact sensor. Selecting a contact sensor means that once the door goes open/closed/open/closed it will register that you have returned. Finally select the actions that should occur when you return which are the same as when you leave except the lights will turn off.

How to use
Either turn on the “Feed the Dog” device or add a door lock to the application.


It would be awesome if I could put an iBeacon on my dog so the alarm would disable (For the door only) if the door was opened while I was near it with my dog. I have a sliding patio door so I have no idea how to track the state of the lock.


Not familiar with the iBeacon implementation with SmartThings. It appears these are BLE devices and typically are connecting to phones. The problem here is that BLE is going to have a fairly large range, so even if you have a mini hub on your back door to detect these units it will probably trigger the event when you don’t want it to. It sounds like you need some sort of RFID implementation to accomplish this.

Another way to do this would be to put a contact sensor on the sliding patio door and a motion sensor, so if motion triggers first then the alarm will not set when the slider is open, however I see this as a security problem. Not exactly sure how best to deal with a door without a traditional lock like this. A remote control might be your best bet.

You could glue a SmartThings mult to the lock latch and track the rotation from the x,y,z axis or movement from the accelerometer if it’s a back and forth lock. It’s a dirty hack to track the lock state of a patio door, but it should work. Grin now you just have to get ibeacon working with SmartThings.

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Sorry I haven’t tried this out yet, been working an Alarm toggle on/off for ActiON that my family requested. It’s what you have been helping me with today, thanks :smile:
I hope to try this out real soon.

I would focus on the ActiON too, if you do get around to it, make sure you use the latest version, I added some features and fixed some bugs.

Will do…I have to keep the family happy first before myself :smile: