Smartthings and iBeacons!

(Wheeler) #1

Found this app “Placed” via macrumors today
Allows you to do custom actions when within range of iBeacons via push notifications, including opening urls.

SO- once ST’s fixes the oauth endpoint issue- I imagine I can control smartthings with this- i.e. swipe to unlock my front door when I am in range (app range is 1m right now)

Did some proof of concept tests at my office and all went as expected (using estimotes)

I am working on my own app but this is sweet for now- only wish with range was editable.

So sweet.

(Different Computers) #2

VERY excited about these possibilities. Frankly I wonder if we’re all just a bit too early to harness what Apple is up to. I would be happy and sad if Apple came up with a BLE/iBeacon HA solution that outmoded my ST setup.

Imagine an iOS HA app that looks like Airport Setup Utility. Imagine Airport Expresses and Base Stations that have built in iBeacons…