Presence sensor beep triggered by other action?

I’m looking for a way to beep a presence sensor when a door is unlocked. The idea is that I have presence sensor on my dogs collar. I have a dog door that I can open with ST. I would like to work on training my dog to go out the door when he hears the beep. I can unlock the door then go into the menu for the presence sensor and beep it, but I’d like them to be linked to streamline it and make sure I’m being consistent. Is there any existing smart app to trigger a beep with an unlock?

Sounds like a need for a custom smart app. Should be pretty straight forward though. How are your coding skills?

SmartRules can do this. It supports locks as a trigger and “beep” as an action:


I gotta try that rules engine soon. I copied the code when it was first published but never played with it at all yet.