Take doorbird chime signal and trigger ST

(Gavin Eldridge) #1

Hi all,

I’m in need of some assistance and direction.

I’ve bought a door bird door bell which has an output to send a signal to an existing door chime box. I don’t have an existing box and would rather have this output trigger ST to play an alert over Sonos.

Any ideas what I need to turn that signal into an ST trigger?

Thanks in advance


(Andy - United Kingdom) #2

If the output has two wires then I would measure the voltage across the wires when triggered.
If there is no voltage check continuity.

If there is any kind of decent voltage (maybe 5v or 12v) then you could put a relay across the cables which would give you the opportunity to connect this to one of the door contacts which have a ‘dry’ contact trigger (or a water sensor with cable)
If the voltage is very low or the current is very low then you would need to use a couple of transistors to do the switching.

If you are sure there is no voltage from the output and the two contacts are ‘connected’ when the button is pushed then you could connect these directly to a door contact or water sensore

(Gavin Eldridge) #3

Ok, thanks for the quick reply, so looking at this, I think I should be able to connect this up to a door contact then.

I don’t have anything to measure voltage or current.

(Andy - United Kingdom) #4

You can by a very cheap ‘multimeter’ from Amazon or ebay or the like to be able to measure voltage.

(Michael) #5

The instructions say you need to use your own power supply for that relay to work. This means that the relay is a NC, normally closed, and it opens when the doorbell is engaged. So you can follow along in this thread to make this work. You just need to buy a contact sensor with terminal inputs to hook up to your relay. You don’t need a reed sensor or multisensor since you already have the NC relay.


Did you get anywhere with this?
I am looking for a similar setup.

(Gavin Eldridge) #7


Not yet, I got busy with work and had to drop this. I’m planning on getting a smartthings multisensor and trying to hook it up to that.

I’ll keep you posted when I get anywhere with it, let me know if you get there first.