Synchronized Smart Door knob and Deadbolt?

I’m looking for a zwave plus or zigbee compatible door knobs and deadbolt. I would like both of them to be linked so unlocking one would unlock both locks. I don’t like the idea of not having a lock on either the door knob or deadbolt. I would like to assign pin codes for guess and dog walker and also receive alerts when someone uses a code.

Thanks in advance.

Schlage Connect

I’ve looked a the Schlage Connect but as far as I can tell the lever / knob does not lock. I want both the lever and the deadbolt to lock and unlock.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Both Schlage lever and deadbolt do lock with a key. I have them

Do these synchronize? Meaning if I unlock the deadbolt using the keypad, will the door knob unlock also?

Regrettably, synchronization isn’t possible using the new app as they do not allow you to automate the unlocking of a door. This is a change in design philosophy from the classic app. :disappointed_relieved:

I think the best way around this would be to use an electric strike in place of the current door knob. That would give you two locks on the door: the deadbolt and the electric strike.

(An electric strike is fairly common in commercial buildings, not homes. If you think of the systems where Someone buzzes you in at an office or apartment building, that’s typically an electric strike. The person does something to release the strike, you typically hear a click, and then you can pull the door open. The device holding the lock in place is the electric strike.)

See the following thread for discussion of using an electric strike with smartthings. However, you don’t want the strike to look like a door lock to SmartThings or you’ll run into the same automation problem. Instead, just make it look like an on/off switch.

And another discussion thread on a similar project:

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A similar question from yesterday about synchronizing locks and deadbolts.

If you have access to RBoy Apps you can assign pin codes, get notifications, define actions etc for locks using this app: [OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM) - #1828 by maddie

Are you saying that if I use the classic app (which I use) I would be able to synchronize both locks?

With the classic app you can definitely have one lock mirror another lock, with the understanding that there may be a few seconds delay because the first one has to send a message to the hub which then has to send a message to the second one. That part is easy.

The problem is there are almost no Smart devices to replace the regular handle, regardless of brand, because the mechanics get really complicated. Much more complicated than a deadbolt.

So just go out and do some research and see what you can find that would replace the handle set, and then you’ll see what I mean. An electric strike is usually the best option.

Sorry I can’t give you more details today, I’m just really tired and this would be a long explanation.

But the synchronization part is the easy part. Finding two devices that would fit on one door at the same time is the hard part. Especially if you don’t want it to look like a Hannibal Lecter enclosure. :scream:



But if you’re OK with that look, then sure, with the classic app you can have the bottom one unlock automatically when someone unlocks the top one.

(The Schlage lever without a keypad that was posted upthread is not a smart device. It’s just a manual add on handle that matches the smart deadbolt stylistically.)

You might be able to use an August for the top piece, which then would look better on the outside, but it will still look institutional on the inside.



Thanks for the help!!

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Yep agreed.

You can add a retro fitting lock with a August Pro, Nuki Combo or Danalock v3 on top of your exiting deadbolt lock and then use a second one as the FE599 as the latch lock. Nuki combo (WiFi) can be integrated with SmartThings using the Nuki integration for SmartThings while Danalock and August Pro have a Z-Wave DTH integration available.

Most of these have Bluetooth versions but if you want to synchronize I would advise using the Z-Wave or WiFi version which have an integration with SmartThings.

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@RBoy are you planning to support new Schlage Encode deadbolt?

We’re looking into the feasibility of support for the WiFi model in future. It would be a brand new DTH.
The Z-Wave model and it’s features should work just fine with the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH

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@RBoy Any progress on the encode?

I’m also looking to see if the Encode will be supported! I’ve been waiting patiently since it was first released. in the spring :slight_smile:

Me too!

I requested Schlage to add support as well…I doubt they will listen

Hopefully someone can link the two!

2020 Update:

As of November 2019 you can also automate the unlocking of a smart lock with the new V3 app, so you can synchronize devices that way. :sunglasses:

try ultralog combo smart lock

hope that helps

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