Sylvania Dimmer Bulbs and ST

(Joe Geiger) #1

The ST Support FAQs mention that you can connect Sylvania Dimmer LEDs to ST. Which models work and has anyone had experience with using them?

(Different Computers) #2

Exactly my question as well, after noticing these at Lowes for a pretty good price. I googled them & see they’re Zigbee, but my other search of the forum only mentions them in passing.

I’m specifically asking about the sylvania ultra iq bulbs. Just in case there are other models.

(Alex Christensen) #3

I have 2 of the Ultra IQ bulbs working. I had to change the device type to SmartPower Outlet per another thread. They work fine that way, but no dimming.

(Dan G) #4

I second what @bazfum said. I have it working in conjunction with a motion sensor – the on/off status in the app is not always accurate, but the light is working well with the apps I have configured.

(Brianf2) #5

I have four of them and with help from Emily in SmartThings tech support I got them working and dimming. In the IDE change them to Zigbee Dimmers and then you should be all set. Mine now turn on and off and dim. I also added them to some scenes.

They work well.

(Different Computers) #6

Awesome! Thanks guys. So using the Zigbee Dimmer type works better than using the IQ bulb type I notice in shared apps?

(Joe Geiger) #7

I read reviews of them on Amazon and people complain about them buzzing when you dim them. Anybody have a different experience with them?

(Andrew Urman) #8

Hey everyone. The correct handler for this device is ZigBee Dimmer. I created the Sylavia IQ bulb originally, but all the methods are very generic and cover a few other devices. So I made it one encompassing handler.

I’ll be removing the Sylvania IQ handler soon to stop confusing people :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s still in development and should get some updates as well. For the dimming you will need a firmware update that isn’t quite done. Needs to be fully tested and vetted before release.

(Joe Geiger) #9

Thanks for the clarification Andrew. Let us know if you need some beta testing.

(Andrew Urman) #10

I could use some beta testing actually. Message me your username.

(Different Computers) #11

@Andrew said:

I’ll be removing the Sylvania IQ handler soon to stop confusing people

Speaking as a novice with about a month of ST experience, it would NEVER have occurred to me to try choosing “zigbee dimmer” to control this light bulb. So maybe leave that device type but use the Zigbee Dimmer code for it?

(Andrew Urman) #12

The problem is the way we identify devices right now, makes the IQ bulb look the exact same as a ZigBee Dimmer. So we don’t want someone pairing a dimmer and having it pair as Sylvania IQ bulb.

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(Cory S) #13

can anyone speak to the light quality on these bulbs, maybe post some pictures?

(Joe Geiger) #14

Purchased one of these last night to try it out. It was easily seen by the Hub and I changed the device type in the IDE to the options mentioned above (ZigBee Dimmer, Smart Power Outlet etc…) but it still doesn’t respond. If I look at the activity log it says it turns on and off and responds to the dimmer slider but the device itself never responds. I removed it from ST thinking I would start all over but I looked for documentation on how to clear the pairing but couldn’t find anything… not even on the Sylvania site. I finally figured via trail and error out that manually turning it on and off several times clears the pairing. I was then able to pair it back and re assign the device types but it still did not work. I put in a note to support but if anyone has any ideas I’m open for suggestions.

@Cory S. I think the light quality is quite pleasing. They’re about as bright as the Philips Hue bulbs (700 Lumens). The color temp is warm (2700K) and not adjustable so if you like whiter lights you may not like these.

(Cory S) #15

That sounds about perfect. I like incandescent warm lighting colors.

(John Essey) #16

@joegeiger… I had a similar experience as you, but, after talking to ‘support’, I needed a firmware update on my hub. My light/lamp is turned off right now, so I cant test until I get home.

I left the light running last night, it’s bright and warm, which I enjoy.

Hopefully the update I received gets my bulb working!

(Brianf2) #17

I got the hub firmware update from SmartThing support and now all four of my Sylvania LED bulbs work great. I can turn them on and off and dim them. For $30 a bulb they are a decent deal.

(Cory S) #18

Where are you guys using them, mostly in singles like lamps? How directional is the light?

(Joe Geiger) #19

They are BR30 spot lights. Here’s the link:

I was using it in a torch light that shines up. Seems to work well for that. I also have a recessed lighting fixture over my fireplace where I plan to use another one.

I wish the lamp LED bulbs were Zigbee too.

(Boris M) #20

@joegeiger what do you mean by “I wish the lamp LED bulbs were Zigbee too?” It is zigbee, no?