Sylvania Smart A19 Full Color Light Bulb - red looks pink

I have three of these Sylvania bulbs. I can dim them, change color temperature and color with the SmartThings app and also through Google Home. Yellows are yellow, oranges are orange, blues are blue and white is white. but when I want it red either through the SmartThings app or via Google Home, the color is not red, it is pink. Google Home even replies to the affirmative that it has been changed to red. This applies to all three bulbs.

I didn’t see an app for this bulb, and it doesn’t require a proprietary hub. My wife was wanting red, white and green for the holidays (I have to appease her for letting me buy all this stuff) so for now it is green, green and white.

use custom color picker.

I neglected to add that has been tried also. I click on the red dot at the bottom and it is still pink.

I think up here is where mine is the red I use for my Lightify Light out front

That sure looks closer to pink than red. My wife agrees so it is not me being color blind.

BTW nice setup! I remember in my younger years being able to get on a ladder to hang lights.

I have attached a screenshot showing I am selecting red, and another showing one of the bulbs is pink.

I’ve never been able to get red by selecting it on the pallet either. When using Webcore to set the color it works fine.

Here’s the piston I’m using.

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Thanks for the reply. Reading that gave me a headache. I know mechanical stuff but programming and coding brings me to my knees. I don’t have the gene for that. So she will be happy with green and white.

90% of the people using webCoRE have no programming skills or any degree in some IT related industry. And a large portion of those people said the same exact thing as you. The ones that took a little time to see what it is all about and realizing how easy it is now, are laughing that they ever said "I can’t program’, “that’s too difficult”. You should just investigate it a little. Start a new thread and ask people who felt the same way as you or go out to the forum and read a little more on it and get a better understanding and then ask questions. You have come this far in the ST world.

You are seeing the end code when you view the Piston above. In webCoRE, when creating something, it’s very similar to creating a Routine in that you select a device via menu drop down and select if it does this (open/closes), then what, select a device and do this with it (turn on the light).

Just my .02

You can use the import code to create the piston in your environment, no coding required :slight_smile: just select the bulbs you want to control when prompted.