Smartthings not working for osram sylvania smart bulbs

I have many sylvania smart bulbs with range of color codes (2700k to 6500K) – and until a few days go the iphone app was able to change the color code of the bulbs. Right now it is unable to change it and the yellow 2700k color is driving me crazy.

Is there any other way i can change the color? some other app or something until there is a fix in place from smartthings? I do not want to go out and buy another hub so any help is greatly appreciated.

I have a smarthings v2 hub and the most updated app on iphone.

This is a known issue with both iOS and Android devices. There are a few post on this already if you do a search. Here’s one:

Make sure to email and let them know.

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We had a fix in for this last week, but it cause some other problems so we had to pull it. I’m hopeful for a fix this week.