SwitchBot -- microbot push competitor

Just noticed that IFTTT has a (new?) service for SwitchBot https://www.switch-bot.com/

Looks like a decent microbot push competitor.

Anyone has experience with this?


if it has ifttt, pretty sure it would work with smarthings
But i am unsure if its possible to know the “states” of the device
you would most probably be able to send on/off command but thats about it

<<never tried it

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Found it from their FAQ:

"Are IFTTT and Alexa supportted?

Yes, IFTTT (https://ifttt.com/switchbot) and Alexa (https://www.amazon.com/Wonderlabs-Inc-SwitchBot/dp/B076MK7CF6/) already supported in our software (with SwitchBot Hub or say SwitchLink).
So SwitchBot can work with third party devices like Echo or Smartthings via IFTTT (SwitchBot Hub involved)."

No direct ST integration… :frowning:

Haven’t seen actually shipping yet, but it definitely looks interesting. :sunglasses:

My guess, just based on the companies involved, is that the microbot push will be better engineered from a hardware standpoint, but also more expensive. And the switchbot may have a better UI, we will have to see. :sunglasses:

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Their suggestion is that you add a bit of fishing line and a sticker so that it can also pull.

The Microbot gives you a lot more Control options, like a timed long press, but again costs more.

The sticker and fishing line is included with the product. That just looks a little unpolished to have pull functionality. Like an afterthought. Hokey, if you will.


Primitive AF lol

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Hipster home automation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think I’m going to upgrade my phone tomorrow to the latest model by Solo. Less interference and mobile presence is detected by ST with a lot more accuracy.

200w (9)


Sure, switchbot was already shipped since I am their Indiegogo backer :yum:. It works perfectly with my door buzzer. It’s one of my best crowdfunding project!

Also I have bought microbot but returned… It’s huge and hard to configure. And I was told by their support that I need to buy a new adapter (the hub cannot work). They do not even provide a suitable adapter with their product :scream:. They will lose the competition for sure.

But, both do not have the direct ST integration (though IFTTT is available) :joy:

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A timed long press is a basic function. Both brands support.

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Push microbot lets you specify duration in the IFTTT service. It looks like Switchbot is limited to one preset duration.


Push Microbot:

I’m getting ready to try switchbot for two reasons:

  1. as you point out, the UI and setup remain overly complex for Push

  2. I personally don’t like the new shift to an annual fee and cloud-based service for Push. I understand why, and if they had offered a better UI to go with it I’d like it better, but as it is I’m no longer recommending it very often.

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Oh I see, the duration is stored in switchbot hardware.

Worth a shot! Switchbot is obviously better.

The UI seems obviously better, I am not sure yet about the comparative value of the two devices.

Switchbot Is also cloud – dependent; it’s just that the push microbot didn’t used to be and now it is.

The Push microbot costs more, but it’s a more elegant design, looks more durable, and has some additional features like a built-in iBeacon.

I’ll know more once I have both to look at, and I will post more then. It’s always good to have choices, anyway. :sunglasses:

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Go ahead to try. :smirk:

We’ve had these for a week. In terms of UI, it’s much easier than the Nara Microbot Push, but in terms of hardware quality the push is a much better device.

The first question is what can you use it on.

The microbot push is spec’d at 1.6 kg of torque, and seems to hit that easily. That’s sufficient for most household electronics buttons, including at our house the button that opens the microwave door and a button on a small blender.

The SwitchBot couldn’t move either of those two buttons, and when we check the specs, it says “up to 1.0 kg“ but then we did some calibrations on it and even with 100% battery we were only getting about 0.5 kg. It would have to be a very easy push button to meet that spec.

The microbot push also has A manual button on the top of it which the Switchbot lacks. That means the only way to make the Switchbot work is Via an automation, which is not as guest- friendly.

The push can also work on a capacitive touch screen which is useful for some situations. The Switchbot cannot.

And a push has a longer travel distance, up to 10 mm. I didn’t see a spec anywhere, but it looks like the SwitchBot is about half of that.

So it really depends on what you want it for. If you are just trying to retrofit a device with a very easy button to push, the SwitchBot will be less expensive and easier to set up.

If, like me, you need this type of device because you have limited use of your hands, the push just fits a lot more situations. However, as I’ve mentioned, I’m not happy with the new shift to a cloud with a paid subscription, so I’m not recommending the push at this time either. But there will be people who will find that the push solves some use cases for them that the Switchbot cannot.

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Interesting product, if only it would work without the need of the hub…