Controlling different old-school apartment entrance buzzer

Speaking just for myself, I would probably get one of the robot button pushers and use that instead. It will cost a little more, but you won’t have to do any wiring. :sunglasses: Integration is through IFTTT.

I myself use Naran Push Microbots for stuff like this, they are well engineered with a lot of options, but the UI is kind of clunky and they are expensive.

Here’s a thread with recent discussion (this is a clickable link)


There’s a new similar device just coming on the market which costs less but has A less elegant design and fewer features called switchbot. Kickstarter backers have theirs, but it’s just coming out for wide release. I’d wait a month or so and then see if you can get it at Amazon, it might be sufficient for this purpose.

And the switchbot discussion thread: