Controlling different old-school apartment entrance buzzer

So I’m new to this, and I’m definitely not an engineer and would appreciate a little help from those more experienced. I have a simple (non video) intercom in my condo and would like to be able to buzz people from my phone. I’ve read a similar post here, but my setup is slightly different.

I purchased this Z-Wave Module

For use with this system

Am I on the right track? The site doesn’t have a wiring diagram, but Inside the unit are six terminals:

Position 1: blue wire plus white wire
Position 2: orange wire plus white wire
Positions 3-6: Nothing there, but labeled CFP, CFP, +S, -S respectively

I haven’t taken anything else apart yet as I’m slightly concerned these are wired in series and I might disable the other units in the building. That’s not going to stop me from proceeding though.

So - can I provide any more information or is this enough for someone to help out?

Slight edit to the above, yes its a Z-Wave module, sorry

pictures with your labels would make more sense.

You called it a controller, but I would call it a Zwave relay module. You will probably have to solder pigtails(wires) to the door lock button of your buzzer module, to wire to your relay module contacts.

Hate the idea of this relay getting stuck on and the door buzzing continuously.

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Pic uploaded.

Speaking just for myself, I would probably get one of the robot button pushers and use that instead. It will cost a little more, but you won’t have to do any wiring. :sunglasses: Integration is through IFTTT.

I myself use Naran Push Microbots for stuff like this, they are well engineered with a lot of options, but the UI is kind of clunky and they are expensive.

Here’s a thread with recent discussion (this is a clickable link)


There’s a new similar device just coming on the market which costs less but has A less elegant design and fewer features called switchbot. Kickstarter backers have theirs, but it’s just coming out for wide release. I’d wait a month or so and then see if you can get it at Amazon, it might be sufficient for this purpose.

And the switchbot discussion thread:


this does not look old-school. To me it looks like an addressable device, so you’ll have to solder to the button switch pins somewhere under that clear plate. Jumper across your pin/solder pad targets to make sure you have the right ones identified, to activate the buzzer without pressing the button.