Switchbot Curtainbots are showing in wrong status

I searched and didn’t see much discussing the Switchbot Curtainbots. Finally got mine set up this weekend and they linked into Smartthings fine but the icons is backwards (shows closed when they are open, though the shade level is correct). So I’ve built backward scenes but that’s not sustainable for future bot additions. Wondering if anyone else experienced this and how they fixed it.


The integration is created and maintained by the device manufacturer, in this case Switchbot, so you should check with their support. There is a Feedback link in their app that you can use to submit a trouble report.

What can I do when having a problem – SwitchBot Help Center

Thanks JD. Haven’t heard back yet from them one the last ticket I submitted so I was hoping someone here just knew lol. Appreciate your post (and all your helpful posts!)

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Other than the icon issue, how do you like them? I have a friend who has it, but it was a little noisy for what I wanted. I have a bunch of their other devices, though, which I really like. :sunglasses:

They actually have a “silent mode” which is somewhat quieter, but still not silent (but slower it says) that’s really just a low humming. I really like them so far. Our intended project for the purchase is finally getting a treatment over the huge window above our front door that’s unreachable (split level) which we will hopefully be getting done this weekend, needing custom length curtains. It’s located in the direct path of sunrise and currently makes relocation during early morning TV watching necessary lol.

Also of note, much easier to use with grommet type curtains and our panels are shorter width so I just saftey pinned the top edges on the back so when it closes it pulls both panels. Really easy set up, and other than the backwards icon, really easy to use in Switchbot app, SmartThings and with Google Home.

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Did you ever hear back from their support?

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For the integration with SmartThings, did you have to use the SwitchBot hub or did SmartThings find the device directly?

It can’t find the device directly: it uses a radio that smartthings doesn’t.

All Switchbot devices integrate with smartthings cloud to cloud via the SwitchBot hub.

Thanks for the quick response

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I’ve been doing a review of the SwitchBot for FascinatingTech.com so I raised this issue with my PR contact and they say it should now be fixed. Does seem to be.

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They said to reset the device but I’ve since added two new and they aren’t working. The Icon says/shows the wrong status but if you click into the device the shade level is correct. Also people in Switchbot FB group saying the same thing. One guy just physically switched his bits, lol. I just set up “backwards” scenes. Connected through hub.

Definitely not fixed. :slight_smile:

Interesting when I checked after they said they had fixed it my status was showing closed which what the curtains physically were.

I guess it’s still backwards, in my eyes, because 0% shade means they are providing no shade - and thus they are open yes? So it seems like they just inverted the problem?

In SwitchBot’s own app 100% = closed and 0% = open

I guess the question is what does SmartThings normally expect with curtains. I agree 0% seems wrong for closed. They do appear to have fixed the status (open/closed) but I suspect this is still wrong. If we can prove it is not correct for SmartThings I can probably get them to change it.

Does anyone have any experience of any other drapes/curtains in SmartThings?

On a quick, just woke up search, the only reference I can find screen shots for is the Ikea blinds and looks like they display 100% open… Maybe that was the intention?

I suspect they are following whatever the SmartThings guidelines are. I will have a dig through the developers documents later and see if it mentions anything.

Ok found this sample code
if (level == 0) {
sendEvent(name: “windowShade”, value: “closed”, displayed: true)
} else if (level == 100) {
sendEvent(name: “windowShade”, value: “open”, displayed: true)
} else if (level > 0 && level < 100) {
sendEvent(name: “windowShade”, value: “partially open”, displayed: true)

So it looks like the percentage is the percentage open in SmartThings

Indeed. The actions for the SwitchBot curtain also aren’t correct. It’s shouldn’t show opening and closing as actions. Only close and open. Here’s the Ikea shade:

Thanks Jimmy.

I have confirmed with SwitchBot that the shade levels are correct as per SmartThings standards which are different to those in the SwitchBot app in that SmartThings is the percentage of light let through whilst SwitchBot’s app usage is the %age of shading. i.e. 100% is open in SmartThings but open would be 0% in SwitchBot. I will raise the actions point with them.