Switch off appliance after a set time?

Hi all
is there a way to have a smart things turn off a plug after it has been in use for a set amount of time?
A little context…it is an elderly Gentleman who keeps leaving his tabletop grill on.
So, for example, to turn off power to the appliance 15 minutes after it has been switched on?
I cant see a smart app, is this something that needs a handler?
I have no experience in code etc
Thank you

Check for the power allowance setting in SmartLighting if the plug is controllable by that app.

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Thank you Bryan I will try that

You can certainly use a smart outlet if the elderly gentlemen has a Smarthings hub, but there is another option for a standalone shut off timer . This might work better for the elderly gentlemen. My wife uses the single 30 minute timer for use with her hair straightener. It has worked great for years. It is rated at 15 amps so it should work fine for the tabletop grill. You plug it in, push the button and it goes off in 30 minutes. There is another model with multi settings. The Amazon link below has both so you can see the difference. You can get either by itself.


Thank you Sakman

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