Switch for use with CFL bulb

So I decided I wanted to try to automate more of my lights as a test to see what I can get going. After doing some research on the listed switches, it seems that most of them are specifically designed for use with incandescent bulbs and not CFL or LED bulbs. Does anyone have any experience with a switch that is rated for a CFL or LED bulb?

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I thought any of the non-dimmable ones were supposed to work with LED & CFLs. It them dimmable switches that can cause issues because they are setup for the much higher wattage of an incandescent.

Corey -  you are correct. I was looking at the list of compatible devices (http://build.smartthings.com/compatible-devices) and most of the switches were dimmable. After just searching on Amazon.com, I found a Jasco switch that didn’t include the dimmer, so used that.

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My understanding about the dimmer switches with CFL/LED lights is that the old style dimmer was a resistor-based dimmer (changes the voltage supplied to the light, I think), where as the Z-Wave switches are digital dimmers (turns the light on and off at different rates).

Because of the transformers (AC to DC) in both the CFL and LED lights, they can’t handle the digital dimmer (even the “dimmable” CFLs).  I’ve heard LEDs being OK  with the digital dimmers but I don’t have any way of verifying it nor would I recommend it.

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