GE Z-Wave Dimmer

(Michael) #1

So I bought 2 of the dimmer switches. Not realizing it at the time. I can use them as just a regular on/off switch right? Where I was going to put these switches, a dimmer can not be used. But since I’m not using the dimmer functionality. Shouldn’t be an issue right?

I know this has been asked. I’ve searched. But sometimes searching and I don’t stuff on here turns into a second job. Lol Thanks in advance!

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #2

It depends on the reason.

  • If the amperage exceeds the switch specs, then you must not install it.

  • If there is a danger of damaging the stuff you are powering, same. Too much of a chance you’ll dim by accident.

  • If there’s any other electrical risk (eg, a dimmed motor can overheat, possibly).

(Kevin) #3

I used a dimmer switch with non-dimmable CFL bulbs for a while. Other family members had trouble as they would hold the button and dim rather than tapping it off and on. I created a webcore piston or maybe it was SmartLighting SmartApp to force the dimmer to 100% or 0%. It didn’t work great but helped.

(Michael) #4

I was thinking of a piston as “back up”. If dimmer is dimmed to 95% then set level to 99%. Or something along those lines.

(MarkTr) #5

The default switch settings cause the lights to ramp up and down so you’ll want to adjust them to eliminate that.

(Mark) #6

Can you elaborate on that?

Are you referring to a light fixture with non-dimmable bulbs?

Or a switch for an appliance/motor load?

I think there would be a big difference in potential safety issues, even if using software to restrict the dimmer to function at either 0% or 100% brightness (i.e. on/off). As @MarkTr mentioned the dimmer will ramp up and down to turn on/off.

(Kevin) #7

Oh ya, I used a custom DH as well. This is probably what you need:

Also, if the switch is turned on, set dimmer to 100%

(Michael) #8

I have are several fixtures in hallways and such that have intirgrated LEDs. It states on the fixture they are “non dimmable”.

(Dan) #9

Just buy some GE Z-Wave Plus Switches and return the dimmers. They are on sale at Amazon for ~$30 today.

(Brandon) #10

Provided your items are fairly new (Z-Wave Plus), we made switch mode available on our dimmers. If your fixtures are within spec of the dimmer’s ratings, feel free to use it as a switch! To enable switch mode, tap the top button 5 times then tap the bottom button 5 times. The LED will signify it was successful by blinking 3 times at you. You can switch back to dim mode by doing the same.

(Brandon) #11

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