Switch for Smartthings - On wall that is (Europe)


I am a real beginner, havent even got my ST yet (its in the mail). But i have two questions.

By the way, i live in sweden som it must be Europe sockets and standars (Bought the uk model of ST)

1: What do you use for wall switch (aka button) becase automation is fine but sometimes you just want to press a button for turning on or off the light. From what i understand, the Hue switch dosent work wery well. I mean like a wireless on/off switch connected to one lamp and get the status of the lamp in ST.

2: Socket. I need som on/off switches. What will work? (exemple the Lightfy plug that exist in sweden)

I am using an Osram switch for controlling a couple of lights via SmartThings. Top and bottom switches, tap or hold. A total of 4 options.

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Nice, anymore switches that works? And you van bit in Sweden Or Europe

So does anybody know if lightify plug works?


It can definitely be challenging. Most people in Europe end up using in wall microswitches can then be wired to many different kinds of dumb switches. Or they use smart bulbs.

The following topic should give you a good start:

If you do have a neutral wire in the switchbox, there are some additional options, so check the Z wave selection at Vesternet.

As far as the sockets go, you can wire some of the in wall micros to those, or many people just use the plug-in “pocket sockets” which you can get in most of the plug formats used in Europe.