Switch for garage door (Fibaro Dimmer 2 and Aotech Garage Door controller)

Hi all,
I just ordered my ST hub v2, switching from another system I found having to many limitations.
Currently in my hallway I have a toggle switch connected to a Fibaro Dimmer 2 (set as toggle switch in Group 20 - setting 1), controlling my outdoor lighting. This is ok for time being, the toggle switch is only to cut the power if maintenance etc, the lighting itself is automatically adjusted with sunset and sunrise.

But. I also have an Aotec Garage Door controller in my garage, which up until now I have controlled using my app. I would really like a physical switch that could controll my garage door as well. I would like to insert a regular momentary switch (since this will fit in to my excisting frame) which is connected to my S2-output on the dimmer. Is this possible? If yes, how would I go about setting this up? If not, what is my best option to controll my garage door via a physical switch? I don`t have any original remotes to the garage door.

The Dimmer 2 can only have one switch type attached so you would also need to use a toggle switch for S2 as well or change to momentary for both S1 and S2.

To activate the garage door you could use scene activation feature. You need to set parameter 28 to 1 and then the Dimmer 2 will send scene commands. 20 : OFF to ON, 21 : ON to OFF, 24 : 2 x click, 25 : 3 x click. Then have webcore activate the garage door based on the scene IDs sent.

Another open could be direct association where the Dimmer 2 can be configures to control another Z-wave device directly. This works great when the controlled deice is another Fibaro module. However, I do not know of this is possible with the Aotec.