Switch/activate mode dependant on time of day

(Andy Taylor) #1

Hi guys , looking for advice on whether want I want to do is possible

I have the standard ‘away’ mode that triggers when all presence leaves.

I also have an ‘away with auto lights’ mode that will turn on and off random lights when set. I currently switch to this mode when everyone is away when it’s dark as I don’t need lights turning on and off all day

So want I really want to do is the following

If everyone leaves AND it’s after say 5pm AND before 6am then use the set the away with lights

If everyone leaves and its outside that window use the normal away.

If normal away is active and the time moves past the lights trigger time then switch mode to away with lights mode

I think that makes sense :wink:

(Paul) #2

This is impossible with the built-in routines, but very doable if you have Rule Machine installed. Do you?

(Andy Taylor) #3

I do actually :slightly_smiling:

Never really needed anything other than standard rules , but as I get more used to the system my ideas get more complicated :wink:

So rule machine can do all of this ?

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #4

I do this using SmartRules from obycode.

But I base it on Lux values and add another layer: Instead of just “daytime/nighttime/away” I have Nice Day/Home/Night/Sleep/Away modes.

Sometimes you need lights on in the house, even though it’s noon. Lux values tell you if it’s dark out.

Also, I don’t trigger the Good Morning routine until Lux is above X AND someone trips a motion sensor. No need for lights to come on if everyone is sleeping in!

(Andy Taylor) #5

Thanks for the replies guys…

Looks like Smartrules is the answer by some of the options in there.

Oh and a LUX sensor sounds like a great idea…have the Fibaro in my basket at the moment. Will this do the job ?

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #6

The Fibaro is considered more reliable than most for Lux, so you’re in luck there.

You can also set up to pull weather from the internet forecast, and that has a Lux rating, though it’s more general than what’s happening any given minute at your house.

(Andy Taylor) #7

So are you exclusively using RuleMachine for all these mode changes now and completely ditched the built in ones ?