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Swidget - Modular IoT Outlets Kickstarter (ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi)


I’m always leery of Kickstarter projects but this looks interesting. Especially the ZigBee to IR control module.

(Joe) #2

Yeah, I’ve been watching this also. I am not sure I trust it’s going to make it.

(Mark) #3

I’m looking forward to the aromatherapy! :nose:

(John C) #4

So was I. Until I found it isn’t available with ZWave control. :grin:

Kind of a cool idea, but an awful lot of options for a start-up product, IMHO. Kickstarter funding looks like it may turn out shy of their goal…


Considering they just announced their Kickstarter today, they are doing extremely well.

(Bill S.) #6

This is an interesting product…

I still want someone to make a smart outlet that allows for both outlets to be controlled AND be economical. So far, I haven’t really seen anything (aside from Sonoff) that fits my criteria.

(John C) #7

Oh! Didn’t realize that. I just glanced at the end target date! Hmmmmm… :blush:


Interesting…given my own experience of developing a Kickstarter ready product ( …apologies for the plug) they must have funding from elsewhere and not be relying on Kickstarter, $40k won’t go very far but good luck to them, the concept is pretty neat.

My guess is there are using Kickstarter to test the products’ marketability before committing to developing the full range.

(Dan P Parker) #9

Very interesting idea. But as a Kickstarter offer I’m pretty underwhelmed. For $55 I might (IF they reach their funding goal AND make good on the offer) get 2 outlets ($27.50 each) with the basic WiFi control module (or $90…$45 each…if I want the Z-Wave version) 11 months from now, with no indication that the other modules are going to be available some time before the sun goes nova.

That’s not a particularly alluring risk vs reward proposition. I think I’m going to pass on this one.


Looks like they already hit their initial Kickstarter funding in only three days. I personally think this idea has a bunch of promise, but with them announcing a limited initial release of modules, I’d prefer to wait see an established product. Especially when we are a year out from expected release.


Not a chance that this meets child safety requirements for UL listing for an outlet. This is a dorm room idea. :wink:

You might be able to do it with a light switch, but not with something at toddler level.


They claim it will meet child safety requirements.

Certainly child safety was top of our list when we designed Swidget. Each electrical outlet has built-in tamper resistant shutters as is now standard for electrical outlets. As for the insert cavity, it’s as safe as a USB port – designed specifically so that there are no high voltages or unsafe connections inside the cavity.


It looks like at least some of those modules won’t pass the choke tube test, though.

We’ll see what UL thinks. :wink:

(BradCorm) #14

Try one of these out. Has 2 built in switches, just have to remove the brass break away tab so the two outlets work separately. I have had one installed since 2016 with the top plug opening a louver and the bottom plug turning on a fan. bit more complicated than just installing an outlet, then again you can modify any off the shelf outlet…

(BradCorm) #15

I backed this way back when, and I think it will be a game changer. They have provided regular detailed updates, and been very transparent. hoping to see something first quarter 2019. I am super interested in CO sensors, Motion Sensors, Temp Humidity Sensors, Cameras, Night lights… I can see slowly adding Swidget outlets in every room of the house. They will be at CES this year, hoping it gains momentum.