[SURVEY] Vote for Your Favorite Z-Wave/Zigbee Motion Detectors / Sensors

Different things work for different use cases. There’s no one “best.” :sunglasses:

The following thread has a detailed discussion of sensor features to help people select the best match for whatever particular need they have at the time.

Famous story from Amory Lovins that everybody hears in engineering school at some point…Big client hires a consulting firm and says they need a cutting tool.

So the team goes away and they do research, and hold focus groups, and issue surveys, and four days later they come back carrying an absolutely gorgeous chainsaw. It has every bell and whistle you can imagine, every safety feature, and it’s a great value.

So the consultants, very pleased with themselves, put the chainsaw on the table. And they say to the clients, “what do you want to cut?”

And the client says, “Butter.”

It’s not just that a $1.99 butter knife is cheaper than the $399 chainsaw. It’s a better tool for the job. You can’t cut butter with a chainsaw.

This is called “appropriate technology.” And it’s an absolute essential for solving problems in home automation.

If you folks want to build a features matrix in the community-created wiki, that would be of fantastic value to the community.

But you can’t choose the best cutting tool until you know what they want to cut.

And the same is true for motion sensors, switches, relays, even light bulbs.

First the use case. Then the tool selection.

Just one engineer’s opinion, :sunglasses: