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[SURVEY] SHOWDOWN: Vote for Your Favorite Z-Wave/Zigbee In-Wall Relay Switch Modules

So far I’ve had great luck with Monoprice Dual & Single Relays as well as the Enerwave Dual Relay.
Configuring them within the SmartThings Hub was fairly straight forward if you’re used to adding custom code / virtual switches.
For a complete beginner, you will have to add some custom code to the developer area to get them to operate / talk to both switches. Creating a Simulated Switch for the 1st and 2nd relay in the dual relays and tying them together with Dual Relay SmartApp is my preference and they are very fast to respond and update.


My one negative of the enerwave dual is no power monitoring, so I rated it a 4. It has worked perfectly in four locations, except when platform issues occur of course. :wink:

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I had to pay close attention to the Aeotec choices to remember which one I actually own!

“My use case is not your use case.” :sunglasses:

My experience with home automation has been that different people need different features and have different priorities. There’s no one “best” in any category. There are cheaper devices which may not be as well engineered, but may still be the best choice for certain projects.

Whether you’re choosing an in wall relay, a light bulb, a dimmer switch, or any other device, “best” for you may not be best for someone else. I find it more helpful to discuss devices within the context of a specific project so that we can go into the features that might be useful to that particular person for their particular needs.

Submitted with respect.

Sure, I can understand that. But unfortunately, by that logic, rating systems and reviews are virtually meaningless. This is the classic qualitative vs quantitative argument when it comes to statistical analysis. This method is far more quantitative and hopefully just by the sheer volume of votes we can give people a good idea of what people generally like / dislike. Plus any reply posts containing further details about their decisions can help people who are just on the fence but are looking to purchase one of these but need just an extra boost to convince.


Reviews are meaningful as long as they give enough details to identify the use case with which they were matched.

Objective rating systems are very useful when they specify what criteria are being used. As an engineer, I rely heavily on them. Not for personal selection, because that depends on the use case details, but to determine things like reliability over time, durability in specific environments, carrying capacity, safety features, etc.

There are many existing discussions in the forums about various devices, including comparisons and detailed feature discussions. You might find them of interest. :sunglasses:

(I should also say that as someone who is almost always an edge case, I do have a personal distrust of generic “best” recommendations.

For example, the Aeon Minimote is a very useful device for many people. I often suggest it for consideration for specific use cases when people post project questions. However, at present it is the only button controller that can run locally with SmartThings.

That’s a disaster for me, because as someone who is quadriparetic with limited hand control I can’t physically use a minimote. It doesn’t mean that the device I can use, the SmartenIT 3 toggle, is “better” than the Minimote. It just fits my particular use case better.)

Labeling one particular device in a class as “best” tends to drive down the availability of other options. But my own experience, both professionally and personally, has been that choice is good, and different use cases call for different solutions.

JMO :sunglasses:

BTW, one of the big advantages of SmartThings is that it is a multiprotocol platform. The survey appears to offer only Zwave options.

There are several excellent zigbee relays which can be used with SmartThings, some of which are on the official compatibility list.

If you could post links to the products that would be very helpful! Thanks!
I didn’t see any in-wall switch relays other than the ones I’ve listed.

There are curtain relays, fixture relays, etc but they don’t really work exactly the same I don’t think?

All valid consumer perspectives. No real debate from my end. Consumers rely on all sorts of methods for making decisions. This is merely another.


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That’s also why I’ve tried to limit this to switch relay modules to lower the applicable diversity. These are pretty straight forward comparisons.

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I voted “3” for this. Easy to install and join to SmartThings, but unfortunately I have had two of them fail sequentially. The first was RMA replaced very easily. I cannot request an automated RMA for the second but will try to escalate with Monoprice Support.

On the good side: The relay still works fine “locally” when the the lightswitch is toggled; it just no longer responds to any Z-Wave commands (not any attempt to rejoin the SmartThings).

Yeah, sadly electronics can sometimes be unreliable. But I agree, the one thing I do like about these types of switch relays is their ability to allow the toggle switch to still pass through the module and turn the lights on even if the module radio is failing or the hub is down.

I think the true beauty of these devices is them being used in tandem with your existing wall switches and that the existing wall switch functionality is not hindered by the relay itself. I just can’t support the idea of having z-wave only switches replacing my existing light switches. Not only because it changes the decore, but also just redundancy reasons… it’s dependency on the hub just feels WRONG to me. HA should be supporting your existing setup, not replacing it in my opinion.

I’m sure some people may disagree, but ideally I will never use GE / Jasco Z-Wave Only add-on switches and things because of their reliance on the hub. Especially as long as they keep making these types of relay switches.

I wish there was a better solution to 3-ways than GE / Jasco / Linear add-ons.
Honestly, I think the best solution (and I’ve been working on it) is to outline all possible 3-way wiring setups, build guides that help people identify their 3-way setup, and instruct them where they need to get power to in order to make it all work. Then show them which wires connect to which things to make them run.

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Though off Topic … I use smart bulbs (GE Link) in a top/bottom of stairs situation where there is a 3-Way switch … but no neutrals at the switch. I no longer use the physical switches; instead, Aeon Minimotes (+ SmartThings and any other controller like Echo) now lets me turn on/off either or both lights … no new wiring required. The physical 3-Way dumb switch is still available for emergencies.

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any reason the poll is completely void of the Fibaro Relays FGS-211 & FGS-221 & Dimmers FGD-211 & FGD-212? there are easily my favourite relays due to thier small size and very reliable operation and state feedback which are quicker and reliable IMO than the Aeon Counterparts

Honestly, there isn’t a reason. My apologies. Apparently I over estimated my ability to scour the web for the relays. Ha!
That being said, I’m guessing Fibaro is more of a UK brand? If that’s the case, maybe there are more that I’m missing for the UK as well? I’m wondering if that might be the issue with my search.

I can make another survey for them or I can work on gathering more information and perform a more adequate poll later.

Terribly sorry about that :frowning:

no worries, just thought i would push a note, Fibaro are a Polish company, they do mainly cater for the european market, but they do also sell US variants of their products, however i believe at this moment they don’t have a deal with a US distributor yet

Two things I don’t like about relay modules. No physical dimming with dimmer module like the Aeon micro unless you buy the dimming switch but that’s only for 2 ways. Resetting the module could be painful sometime and the position of physical switch out of sync with the state of the relay in a 2 ways.
On the plus side. They allow me to keep my old switches which is pretty big deal for my wife in certain room. Also it’s the best solution for certain wiring configuration.


Just curious if you can give me an example of times when you have to reset the modules?
I’m guessing when you change hubs all together which I’m hoping is very rare?

Not often but I have 4 hubs in 3 different places and quite a few Aeon micro/ emerwave modules. Once in a while. I have no control of the module (mostly Aeon micro). Easiest way is to use the replace option in the ST app if Power cycle/z-wave repair doesn’t work.