[SURVEY CLOSED] Name the new community based Rule Engine

( I hate Mondays) #1

Members of the community are working hard on creating a new rule
engine. And we would like your help to select the final name for the
"master" (parent) application that manages the rules and for the “rule”
(child) application that does the logic and work.

Based on the feedback received, we’ve selected the final two candidates for each application.

Which name do you like best?

Parent Name:

  • Community’s Own Rule Engine (CoRE)
  • Rule Engine

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Child Name:

  • Piston
  • Rule Engine Child

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CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps
(Bobby) #2

Thanks everyone for participating in the pre-screening of the final name. We now have two finalists for each application. You may vote for your favorite on the first post of this thread!

Many, many thanks to @ady624 for continued effort in building the Community’s Own Rule Engine, his app is becoming a reality with each day passing by. If you’d like to contribute with ideas and feedback, check this thread:

Click on the name to see the submission and on the button (anywhere on the right to vote).

(Stuart Buchanan) #3

Parent: Rule Your World
Child: Rule your Thing/s


Parent: Frankenstein
Child: Monster :slight_smile:

(Stuart Buchanan) #6

Parent: R-IoT (stands for Rules for Internet Of Things)
Child: Re-Act (Stands for Rules Engine - Action)


That’s good! I like RE for Rules Engine…

Parent: RE-Manager
Child: RE-Director

Acronyms - REM, RED

(Shawn) #8

Parent: Rule Engine, House Rules, or Rule Automation
Child: Rule or Condition

(Stuart Buchanan) #10

@Darwin if sticking with RE-

we could do a play on words. i like RE-Director, but would personally change it to the below

Parent: RE-Arrange
Child: RE-Direct

anyway, i’m out …cant spend any more time thinking of anything else :wink:

(David) #11

Parent: Thing Manager
Child: Thinger

(Neal (www.zebrablinds.com / www.zebrablinds.ca)) #12

Parent: Reactron
Child: Reactor

(Jason) #13

I prefer the:

Parent: Rule Engine
Child: Piston

(Chris) #14

Parent: Overlord
Child: Minion

(Chick Webb) #15

Parent: El Jefe
Child: La Obrera

Parent: Rule King
Child: Rule Queen (or, maybe the other way 'round :slight_smile: )

Parent: Rule Boss
Child: Worker Bee

Parent: Cheech
Child: Chong

(Chick Webb) #16

For all of you Dukes of Hazard fans,

Parent: Boss Hogg
Child: Lulu

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #17

Parent - 42
Child - white mice

(Alex) #18

Parent: Rule Engine / Rule Motor
Parent: Rule Axis / Rule Gear

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #19

Parent: SmartKing
Child: Hand of the SmartKing

(Bobby) #20

Parent: CORE (Community’s Own Rule Engine)
Child: Core Child

( I hate Mondays) #21

@SBDOBRESCU Community’s Own Rule Engine

(Bobby) #22

@ady624 …own is much better. I updated wording