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Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices


(Jason) #21

There’s also the newer firmware available for the Aeon Multisensor gen 6 that would be helpful as well.

(Blaine M) #22

Inovelli also has firmware updates available for their switches that include scene control. They do not work properly and lock up without the firmware update.

(Michael Orbon) #23

The new app does not connect to my thermostats. I need to update firmware at the IDE level or the old app. I have several brands of thermostat including remotec, sensibo, stelpro, centralite and airpatrol.

Z-Wave makes sense for me since interference with other household emf is lessened by the frequency. It is also quite energy efficient. I select it when possible.

Now if the hub could continue to function without internet!


(Justin Dybedahl) #24

Add me into the mix here. I had to update all of my inovelli switches with a third party z stick. I had to remove all of them from my network and read them after. It was a pain that could have been avoided if smartthings had this ability. Thankfully inovelli has awesome support and was great at helping me out with this workaround.

(Kianoosh Karami) #25

Thanks for your feedback

(Jeremy) #26

+1 here as well. Enough z-wave(plus) devices this matters to me.

(Jimmy) #27

@Kianoosh_Karami any more updates on updating to a z-wave stack that supports S2? Does the 21.13 or 22.13 firmware z-wave upgrades work towards this?


Just wanted to add my vote for the Z-Wave OTA update feature (especially for the Leviton dimmers). This seems like such a fundamental feature needed to bring home automation more mainstream. I hesitate to recommend SmartThings to people due to the quirky behavior of many of my devices and the fact that I need to use custom device handlers many times to work around firmware issues.

(David Currie) #29

OTA Z-Wave Plus updates, YES PLEASE!!! I’m dying here!

I have 30 Leviton Dimmers and switches installed in my home and I have no way to update the firmware. I desperately need to update firmware as these switches are not reliably staying online or reporting status. To be quite frank, without this feature, I am dead in the water.


I’d love to see z-wave updates for HomeSeer devices, especially their 100 and 200 series light switches.

(Jonathan) #31

I am told that upgrading GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus wall switches to 5.26 or higher enables the “double tap” feature. That would be a great OTA upgrade for many customers.

(Kianoosh Karami) #32

Currently, we are working on rolling out the S2 functionality in the next 3-6 months, once that is completed we will shift our focus to OTA firmware updates. I know that is long, but rolling out the S2 requires a complete overhaul of our Z-Wave framework and that means we have to be careful when migrating from old stack to a new stack and ensure all is good.

Thanks for your patience, for what it is worth, the actually OTA firmware update support is not complex and relatively straight forward, we just need to work out the details of getting the OTA firmware update files to the hub so they are not bundled with firmware releases, that way we can release OTA firmware updates for devices without having to release firmware which could be every 2-4 months.

(Jimmy) #33

Thanks for the update!

(Blaine M) #34

This is great news for all of us that have a large investment in Z-Wave devices! Looking forward to seeing this implemented and would be happy to be a beta tester for it.

(Kianoosh Karami) #35

Also, I have an ask for you guys, send me the link of devices and the firmware update that you would like.


Leviton DZ6HD and DZ1KD dimmers

(Gonzalo Parra) #37

+1 for Leviton dimmers, also DZ15S switches.

We don’t have link for firmware as they do not provide it directly to customers, I would assume they are ok with giving it to you, you guys should have some internal contact in Leviton, if not I can PM you the contact of the support manager I have exchanged emails with…

Also, any chance the firmware update can be re-prioritized ahead? if its not that complex then maybe it may not cause a significant delay on S2 delivery and worth getting done first… that assuming you have success getting a good number of device firmware updates to make it worth it and juicy!

Thanks for your effort on this!

(John C) #38

Aeon Labs devices.
Particularly their Multisensor 6…

Thanks for asking, @Kianoosh_Karami!

(Gonzalo Parra) #39

Here is the link for the firmware update for the Aeon Labs Garage Door Controller: link

I believe this download is encrypted and can only be used with their firmware update software and their z-wave USB stick but again, I’m sure an internal request coming from Samsung / SmartThings as a partner thing for the actual firmware is possible, probably signing some NDA, etc. and then get firmware updates for all their devices as available…

BTW, Huge kudos on the idea of separating the device firmware updates mechanism from the Hub firmware!

(Benji) #40

@Kianoosh_Karami Aeon RGBW Bulb: