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Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices

I’m trying this and yeah, it is slow. But I guess slow is better than nothing, something I said about my first car too. I must have some of those 25 minute devices.

One oddity I noticed is that for some reason while it scanned all my devices, only a small subset shows up in the Devices list box. My guess is that either there is some bug in the app as it is just a grouping of like 15-20 devices in the middle of the address range since of the ones listed only a few were ones that it had an update for. Or maybe the app is fine and it’s only showing me the Z-Wave+ devices and not any of the normal Z-Wave devices? Anyone else have anything like that happen or an explanation?

Another question - does anyone know of a list of firmware that is available publicly? I’m not sure how firmware gets included with the tool but I know some manufacturers post it (Aeotec) so I’m not sure if what is there is what HomeSeer could find after searching or simply what they were sent by manufacturers. Regardless, it would be nice if we could collectively compile a list of what is available.

A few things I found in addition to what I recall reading in the thread here:

  1. It refers to all devices in decimal though in the ST world all are hex so you’ll have to remember that and do a lot of conversions if you’re trying to figure out what device is what
  2. You can only select identical devices for updating at a time - not a big deal but if you had several groupings you would have to be attentive.
  3. The app does not seem to tell you what devices need updating nor which ones it has the .hex/.hec file for even though it seems to know this. For instance, with a Leviton switch module, it has an update and it knows it because when you select them, it has the .hec file as the only option listed in the update file dropdown. I suppose that would give you some flexibility to have multiple ones but I’d prefer some automation and convenience. Likewise with say Jasco, if you select them, there is nothing in the dropdown. So it knows what it has and what it can do but doesn’t really help you out. :frowning:
  4. For those interested in Schlage, It was unable to scan those devices. Not sure why or if there is some security in the lock to prevent this but all the “IR” (aka Ingersoll-Rand now Allegion) devices seemed to end up this way. Of course there isn’t an update in the tool for that but even so it might mean it wouldn’t work without something additional.
  5. For Graber / Zebra shades, these devices scan as “Unknown” so I guess the Z-Wave modules in the shades must be pretty primitive. Not sure but once again, no update for them that is public AFAIK.
  6. While scanning, it may give you several messages like “Cannot reach node 92, will not import any information about this node.” I think this could be a hole in the mesh but this device (after converting to hex) is clearly reachable by ST in my case so not sure exactly what the problem is. I’ll have to investigate a bit. I got that several times and it was for all different types and manufacturers and at varying distances from the hub and other devices (that were scanned ok).

If the email I received from Schlage support is accurate, their Z-Wave and Zigbee locks have “fixed” firmware which cannot be upgraded OTA.

I’ve got 2 older touch screen deadbolts that aren’t playing nice with other locks. I’m told newer firmware is this fix however Schlage said it cannot be done by the end user and they don’t service their older locks now either.

Not happy.

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Thank you Kianoosh. The update is due according to your timelines. Where is it?

Thank you.

I have a large installation of Leviton DZ6HD and DZ15S switches with DZ00R-DL remote switches for 3-way and 4-way applications. I have 2 issues:

The remote switches do not correctly display the dimming level when the master switch is off.

The master switches do not report the correct z-wave status to the Smartthings Hub when using the remote to operate the master.

Levition technical support is providing me with a zwave USB dongle and Levition OTA firmware updating software. The software and firmware can be downloaded here. This may be a temporary link but it’s working now.


That’s cool. Looks like they are sending you a free Aeon Labs stick, perhaps. Or at least I can say that the EXE app that encapsulates the firmware seems to be Aeon.

Seems to be the same version 1.20 firmware that they have provided HomeSeer (

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Yes, it’s version 1.2. And Leviton is paying for it as they should as I have thousands of dollars invested in their products.

I also suspect that the older firmware versions do not correctly route certain other zwave devices properly. specifically the Kwickset zwave locks. This is just a theory but since I added more Leviton switches the locks don’t communicate properly with the hub. I have read that certain devices do not correctly route the Kwickset locks. My suspicion is that the lock has a Leviton switch in it’s neighbor table and routes messages to it, but the switch does not properly route the message to the hub. Some imply that it has to do with the locks encrypted payload. If the locks start working correctly after updating all the Levition switches and a zwave repair, then my suspicions will be confirmed.

I really wish that Smartthings had some decent diagnostic utilities whereas you are able to query a device for its route - the equivalent of traceroute and ping.

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Yeah, every smart device is a rip at $40-$60 each so it adds up quickly doesn’t it! Sad stuff but I guess everyone wants to get paid.

I believe any stick could do it for you *if * you had the software that would do the actual querying and reporting but I’m not sure about specifics since I haven’t looked at it closely. I would gladly give ST a few bucks for some tools though as I agree with you.

However, I would guess that you might get some indications of routing problems if you do a Z-Wave repair. That would basically prove the routing table is up to date but if the issue is the payload and not how it gets there then I’m guessing the repair won’t flag that.

Wow, finally! I have a similar setup with a lot of these devices and thousands spend and they kept me for over a year with the “our engineers are working on a solution” story. They had the solution all along just didn’t have a way to deliver it…

Nice to see that even if they don’t send a USB to everyone at least people buying these don’t have to spend money on the HomeSeer software anymore…

About time they released a way to flash the switches. Too bad I already bought the Homeseer USB and Z-flash software, but that is okay it can be used to upgrade other devices in the future. The Leviton’s really work well once the firmware is updated, they have been solid for me since I updated them a couple months ago.

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Indeed so. I have many of these (60+) and went through the pain of acquiring the software and hardware from HomeSeer.

They now function superbly well but a complete PITA to upgrade.

Leviton should have been much more pro active here.

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One feature of the Aeon Multisensor 6 available via OTA update is to turn off that annoying green light. Please can we have OTA for Zwave.


Bump Fibaro OTA for me too.

When I run this Leviton exe file and detect the USB stick (zooz S2 stick) it says that it isn’t licensed. Do I have to purchase something?

I updated the firmware in all of my DZ6HD and DZ15S switches to version 1.2. This was a timely process.

The problem whereas the switches were not reporting their status to the hub when controlled by a remote switch (DD00R) is fixed.

The problem with the Kwikset locks not communicating with the hub was also being caused by the Levition switches as JD Roberts so graciously pointed out. Apparently this is a known issue whereas the Levition switches are not correctly repeating zwave messages when “beaming mode” is used. Kwickset uses “beaming mode”.

The problem with DD00R remote switches not properly displaying the correct dimming LED status was not resolved by the firmware update. Further discussion with Leviton revealed that the switches have two microprocessors and that the firmware for the second processor cannot be field upgraded. Leviton has agreed to replace all the DZ6HD and DZ15S switches that are wired to DD00R remote switches and have older firmware.


Great news on fixing the beaming issues with this firmware update. I never experienced that myself, but I only had one Kwikset lock prior to doing the Leviton firmware upgrade. I have four now.

This is also the first time I’ve heard of the firmware update not fixing the remote switch reporting issue. It has fixed several people’s remote reporting issues, including mine and another local friend. Additionally, I’ve never seen an official list of bugs fixed by this firmware update. Even when OEMs publish a list they only include a few items and many other code changes may have been done. I found that after this firmware update that my entire Z-Wave network is more stable. No devices have gone offline and I rarely get a device lockup, although it does still happen on rare occasion. I do still have an intermittent reporting issue with my Gen5 Aeotec Recessed Door Sensors .

It’s results like this that prove the importance of getting the latest firmware for all our devices. This will only way this will happen for everyone is for SmartThings to provide OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave devices. Often we have no idea that new firmware is available from the OEM since they rarely if ever inform us. This process is also not something the average user is going to want to tackle the way we did.



Just to be clear, the update fixed the remote z-wave reporting to the hub issue. It did not fix the remotes’ LEDs which are not displaying correctly.

+1 for Smartthings OTA firmware updates.


@Kianoosh_Karami do you have an update on the OTA feature?

Zooz has their own software available (for free) to perform OTA on their devices.
It is unclear which devices (if any) have a firmware update available. Also, their instructions state that you must exclude your device from the hub before updating, which would be a real pain.


We are currently rolling out 0.25.X which will soon enable Z-Wave S2 connection with your devices, this might take a month or two, because we need to also release a new mobile app to support the S2 onboarding of the devices that require you to scan a QR code or enter the missing ping.

It is not ideal that it is taking this long, but hopefully once that is released, we can get the OTA feature in the latter releases.

I understand it is frustrating that it is taking this long, but we are doing the best we can here to make sure the S2 release is not met with big problems,.


Are you hiring? :slight_smile: