Support for smabit outdoor siren?

Hi All,
I wonder if there is any known DH for this siren

It should be standard zigbee, in fact I’m able to add it successfully to ST, but then it does not seem to work correctly (it cannot be triggered by the app or by an alarm). I tried the generic zigbee siren, all other sirens DH I could find and also the generic switch without success.

It’s strange because the status seems to update correctly, and the device looks already integrated in the zigbeetomqtt project.

Trying to ask to the technical support about a DH they answered: if the system you are using a supports zigbee it should work… meaning they don’t have a super competent technical support.

Anything else I can try?


There’s not really such a thing as “standard zigbee,” as the Zigbee protocol allows for multiple different profiles, which do not all work with each other. That said, this one does seem to be using one of the profiles that smartthings supports, “Home Automation Version 1.2,” (ZHA 1.2), so I would have expected it to work at least as an on/off switch.

So I’m wondering if there are some additional parameters that configure the siren itself. :thinking:

If you’d like to read more about zigbee profiles, here’s the community FAQ for that. The topic title is a clickable link.

But the short answer is that the newest smartthings hubs support the following zigbee profiles:

ZHA 1.2 , most features are supported, although multiple endpoint devices may require custom code.

ZLL (Zigbee Light Link), most features are supported except for touchlink commissioning and groupcasting. And the same multiple endpoint issues apply.

Zigbee 3.0, A majority of features are supported, but the ones already missing for ZLL and ZHA 1.2 are still missing. Also, smartthings does not support the “green power“ features used by batteryfree devices like the Hue Tap.

When you say, “ The status seems to update correctly“ what do you mean specifically?

Did you have any luck with that siren?

With the generic Zigbee Siren, there are these status:

  • alarm: off
  • switch: off
  • checkInterval: 1140 s
  • DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus: online

The app panel shows a two state switch between:

  • “Off”: sets “alarm” and “switch” to off
  • “Siren and strobe”: sets “alarm” to “both” and “switch” to “on”.
    And after roughly one minute it goes back to all “Off”.

The siren is working, because it reacts automatically to the tamper switch.