Neo Zigbee Siren "thing"

Hi All.
i have a Neo zigbee siren, but i shows up in smartthings as a “Thing” and i have no options to config.
It says only that the “thing” is online :thinking:.
And on the new Smartthings website when i try to change the driver to Mariano Shared Beta Driver
it says it dont have the correct fingerprint.
i tryed the Z-Wave Siren Mc driver and Zigbee Siren Mc.
Can anyone help me out here ?

Use this link to enroll you hub in the smartthings driver channel and once enrolled, install the Zigbee siren driver.

Once installed, go to the device in your smartthings app and select the 3 dots at the top right and select driver from the drop down. You can then use the “select different driver” button to change to the zigbee siren driver.

Thankyou for your answer.
i tryed to install the smartthings beta driver as you say.
But in the app on my phone when i press the 3 dots and then driver there is no others driveres to pick.
only on the new website can i see the new drivers but it says the same about wrong fingerprint when i choose the drivers both to Zigbee siren and Zwave siren.

This is my siren

It looks like neither the stock ST driver nor @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s driver include the fingerprint for your device.

I would post in this topic EDGE Driver-Mc: Zigbee Drivers for Motion, Open/Close, Moisture, Smoke-Co Sensors and others Devices with the device info from the Advanced Web App website so that the driver can be updated with your device fingerprint.

If I remeber correctly, I think this siren uses the Tuya EF00 cluster.

Install the “personal Tuya devices main” and “default clusters” drivers from this link…

Once installed, change the driver for the device to the personal Tuya devices main driver.

The device will be unresponsive to commands initially. Set up a routine, for example, if motion detected ( from any motion sensor connected to your hub) then set siren volume to 100%. This should kickstart it into action.

I get a 403 error “forbidden” when i try the link

Ok thanks.
is it this info you meen ?

The link for these drivers is this:

But none recognize this device automatically.
0yu2xgi / _TYST11_d0yu2xgi

If this device does use EF00 cluster, it will work in “similarity mode” until I add the fingerprint, but I would need to make sure the device does use EF00 cluster.

Sorry, I sent the wrong link, the one listed by w35l3y is the correct link.

Thank you for your answer.
I don´t know about this cluster EF00 thing ?
but i am getting closer to get it to work.

I got this in the app now.

And this in the webapp when i use the "personal tuya devices driver.
but i can still do notthing in the mobile app.

It doesn’t expose EF00 cluster, but it does use it as there are Datapoints listed.

Follow the instructions of the first post of this thread below and you should be able to detect the others datapoints:

Once the right datapoints are found, it may be added to the driver

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Hi @w35l3y

I also have a Neo Zigbee siren, but it is not recognized by default either. If I use the “personal Tuya Devices Main” driver and then select Alarm in settings, I cannot operate it and I get an error message. Could you to add this siren to your driver?

Tuya Zigbee Sirene Alarm Temperatuur Vochtigheidssensor Huisbeveiliging Met Stroboscoopwaarschuwingen Werkt Met Tuya Smart Hub - AliExpress


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I am contemplating purchasing this siren. Has anyone got it working in Smartthings?

I got this siren working in Smartthings with @w35l3y’s driver (again, thank you). For anyone considering it as part of an alarm system, I have to say it’s not very loud. Really more a door chime than a siren.

Have you tried pairing it with a Tuya hub to see if there are any additional setting that might let you increase the volume?

Yes, I do that with any Tuya device first to ensure I have the latest firmware installed.

It does have 18 different tones, about 3 or 4 of which make siren-like noises. The rest are more suited for use as a doorbell. If you use the right tone and put a couple around your home, they may do the trick. Not going to startle anyone.

The trouble is none of the tones are very piercing. I have a couple of Heiman zigbee smoke detectors (also Tuya zibgbee based). They have a much better siren sound. I haven’t found any way to manually trigger those as part of an alarm system though.

Sounds like you need to create a virtual alarm. That will connect to STHM and then use routines to connect the Neo to the virtual alarm.

To clarify, I can trigger the Neo alarm - it’s just not very loud.

What I would ideally like to do is trigger the siren in the smoke detectors to use those as part of the alarm system. They are piercingly loud. But that’s another topic.

Hi can smeone please help me with the Neo Coolcam siren with built in temp and humidity sensor ?

I am trying to get this to work in smartthings