Support for Occupancy Sensing Clusters and Delay parameters

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I have an application where I’d like to observe discrete motion events. To do so, I’d like to be able to adjust the Zigbee Occupancy Sensing Cluster’s PIROccupancyToUnoccupancyDelay and PIRUnoccupancyToOccupancyDelay attributes. PIROccupiedToUnoccupiedDelay Attribute
The PIROccupiedToUnoccupiedDelay attribute is 16 bits in length and specifies the time delay, in seconds, before the PIR sensor changes to its unoccupied state after the last detection of movement in the sensed area.

Does SmartThings support this cluster? I see reference to the IAS Zone cluster, but not the OSC.

If someone’s successfully adjusted these parameters, I’d love to know how and which sensor was used as well.

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That looks like a pretty useful setting but unfortunately the SmartThings branded motion sensors do not support the Occupancy Sensor cluster. The NYCE motion sensor might support this cluster and attribute but that’s just a guess and I don’t have one handy to check.

If you have a device that does support that cluster you can write the attribute like this: zigbee.writeAttribute(0x0406, 0x0010, DataType.UINT16, 0x0005) which should set it to a delay of 5 seconds. Note that the attribute is marked as optional in the ZCL spec so even if a device supports the cluster it may not support that specific attribute.

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That’s great. Appreciate the response! I’ll give it a try.

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