Sunset wrong in Smartthings?

A sunset based Smart lighting (new) routine fired early yesterday, and today a different one fired the same amount early. In the IDE I see that ST has the sunrise and sunset for today wrong - about 28 mins off - (it’s never been wrong before, and no I haven’t changed the location of my hub). Anybody else seeing incorrect sunrise/sunset times in ST?

IDE is in the process of being shutdown. That particular info for sunset/sunrise that is displayed in IDE is no longer used nor updated. Routines/Smart Lighting do not rely on that info and haven’t for some time.

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Any idea how I can see what time ST things sunset was today? Because everything ran consistent with the times showing in the ST IDE.

I know that neither the app nor displays the info. Not sure if CLI does or not.

I created Routines to send a push notification when triggered by sunrise and sunset.

You can install @Mariano_Colmenarejo vcalendar to see the sunrise/sunset times but not sure if they are based on the hub.

The routines triggered early also!

Only suggestion I can think of, is to check your geolocation.

It’s set correctly :frowning:

FYI it appears that the times are generated by the long/lat that is set in the driver. And unfortunately it only allows specificity to one decimal place.

I have a Rule that should run at 31 minutes after sunrise. However the sunrise time isn’t updated so it runs at the same time every day. It has been doing that for the best part of a year and a half. The problem is repeatable and apparently only affects cloud based Rules.

It has been doing this for the best part of a year and a half now. It my Rule wasn’t rather pants I’d be a bit cross.

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This is Smart lighting routine that has been running perfectly until yesterday.

Accu weather app gives you that info

And it is matching SmartThings sunrise and sunset events.

Well the weather tile in the app does link to The Weather Channel and that gives the sunrise and sunset, albeit with an unacceptable number of low quality sponsored content links (zero would be acceptable). So it isn’t far away.

Nothing in the CLI yet but I might suggest it.

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I had EXACTLY the same thing happen to me a while back.

I tried resetting stuff. I tried recreating both the routines and the smart lighting automations.

Nothing helped, but then suddenly it fixed itself after two or three days.

I have Smart lighting turning on exterior lights in 2 locations based on sunset and an offset. Both ran within a minute of when they were supposed to last night (Feb 5th).

I have a Smart lighting routine control about six lights. Two now use edge drivers. The rest are DTHs. The edge driver lights turned on at 515 pm. Another light turned on at 521. The last at 545. I have another Smart lighting routine that controls my landscape lights. They came on at 545. For some reason some of my lights turn on way too early. There is no offset set. How does this happen?

I’m having this issue too.

I have a Smart Lighting automation set to turn on my lounge lights at 30 mins to sunset. Today that should have been 17:29. Instead, it fired at 16:17 which is the time showing in the IDE.

All the bulbs are Lifx in the lounge so cloud based and I have no idea what driver they’re using. I’ve not changed anything with them.

Is there a way to make Smartthings work now they’ve decided to turn off the IDE? It seems that my system, which was working flawlessly for years, now keeps failing since they decided to make their ‘improvements’!

If you have a hub you can install Mario’s “Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc” which can be used to create a virtual calendar that has the sunrise/sunset capability that can be used in routines. It also has a ton of other useful features.

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How do I do that without the IDE?

IDE is in the process of being shut down. You can no longer install smartapps or device handlers there as those were groovy. Also, the sunrise/sunset data in IDE is no longer updated nor used by the new architecture.

for the smart lighting and sunrise/sunset issues, you may get better results converting them to Routines.

To install Edge drivers, you do that from the ST app or using the CLI.

Go to Mario’s driver channel and enroll your hub, find the Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc in the list of drivers and click the install button. Once it is installed you add the virtual calendar by using the “Add Device / Search for Nearby” in the app. The device should show up in the room that your hub is in. Configure it with your location in the settings. After you add the parent device you use that to create the virtual calendar.

There is a thread on here with all the different options discussed, just search for Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc.

This is the main thread - Aplicaciones Virtuales